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My way of being healthy

My Way Of Being Healthy and top tips I follow in daily life

Being Healthy in Life,Tips I Follow

We all want to be Healthy,happy,free of stress and more productive in life.If we want to be happier and more content,then we need to enrich ourself with smiles,possessing a healthy mind,sound body without missing our regular work.I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

I Follow Gandhiji’s Golden Rule Happiness is when what you think,what you say,and what you do are in harmony.If we want to be Healthy we must be happy and it is in your hand.Be proud,laugh a lot,Dream,discover,be who ever you want to be.Be smart enough to hold on to and be brave enough to let go.Find and create yourself.Take chances,you never know where they can lead you to.Here are my tips I follow to be Healthy.

1.Eating a Healthy Diet

To maintain a Healthy Weight,I personally avoid junk foods.As a woman I make my family members to eat fruits,green leafy vegetables(I grow them in my house),soaked Badam&Saffola Oats,Sunflower oil(for healthy Heart).They are part of my daily life to feel more energetic.They boost immune system,increase skin glow&improve my eyesight.I know Processed foods tend to be high in saturated fat,sodium,simple carbs and sugar,so I avoid them when ever possible.I Replace unhealthy snacks by nuts&dates rich in Iron,they satisfies my sweet craving.For making sweets I use jaggery instead of sugar.

2.Regular Exercise and hygiene 

Cycling makes me feel strong and increase immunity of course.I’ll Manage my stress doing Yoga thrice a week&dance to my favorite tune.I’ll Drink water according to my weight too.I always ensure personal&family Hygiene

3.Enough sleep

“Early to bed,early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise”A good sleep benefit our brain prototyping,removes all toxins which distracts us,causing unhealthy.It perhaps prepares us to be a positive thinker.So I always sleep 7-8 hrs to start a good day.

My way of being healthy


4.Travel for Being healthy

I travel 4 times a year,when I come back nothing will be same(small change from routine).I love going park with family to have some fresh air in weekends.I enjoy bike ride with partner,as Strengthening relationships keeps us mentally Healthy.

5.Treating Myself

I Enjoy my hobbies(Gardening,Swimming)watching movies,going parties,helping out my family,Specially IN-LAWS.It’ll not only make them love me,but I’ll feel happy knowing I’ve done good.

6.I always says to myself Be Confident because nobody is perfect.I’ll try myself a makeover inside&out when I feel unhappy.I’ll always keep promise of confident to be happy&healthy

My way of being healthy

Gardening hobby

7.I’ve realistic goals of long&short terms and I Organize them in achieving,to Keep myself busy,as idle brain is unhealthy.

8.I Stay true to Myself,faith,dignity&beliefs.I Never change myself for anything.I’m with the people&things that I love.

9.I’ve true friends to enjoy their company.I avoid people who tries to bring me down causing drama,stress in my life.

10.Finally Loving my life&following my rules that I’ve set for my life to make it beautiful,happy&Healthy.

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