Tourist places in Rajahmundry

Top 10 tourist places in Rajamundry | Andhra pradesh

Places to visit in&around Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.It is located in west Godavari dist.Telugu people believe that Telugu language originated in Rajahmundry.The poet Nannaya was responsible for coming up with the Telugu script,which transformed it into a language.The earliest rulers of the region were the Chalukyas.Rajaraja Narendra ruled over Rajahmundry in the 12th century.Archaeological findings suggest that the history of this region may go back even further.

Fomous people born:Nannaya,Kandukuri Veeresalingam garu. Popular:Rajahmundry central jail,Durga cine tone-first telugu studio,Largest Road/rail bridge,host of Godavari Maha Pushkaralu. Food:Puthrekulu,chakkarakeli fruit(banana variety)

we planned our journey Hyderabad-Rajahmundry(400km)in Garibrath.Rented a car for 3 days to cover Godavari Disticts.Day-1 is Rajahmundry local.

places to see in Rajahmundry

Tourist places in Rajahmundry:

In one day trip for Rajamundry tourism places,we first visited Pattiseema (40km).Pattisam is an island temple in River Godavari.The main deity is VeeraBhadraeswaraSwamy,Bhadrakali.We enjoyed boat ride.

1.Papi hills(papikondalu)

Papi hills are 3 in number situated like a wall in the midst of river Godavari& 100 km from Rajahmundry.Tourists enjoys scenic beauty of hills.We already seen papi hills,so visited rajahmundry city tourist places.A.P.Tourism has many boating packages to plan from Rajahmundry.

Markandeya Temple

2.Markandeya Temple

According to legend,temple is associated with sage Mrukhanda&his son Markandeya. Markandeya in this temple made a Lingam&spent his 11yrs life praying Lord Shiva.When God Yamaraj came to take his life,Lord Shiva intervened& blessed him with life.

KotilingeswraraSwamy Temple
3.kotilingeshwara temple:

The kotilingeshwara temple was built surrounded by several bathing ghats. Legend was sage Gautama cursed by Lord Indra&to get rid off it,he placed a shivalingam&prayed Lord Shiva.He anointed the lingam with waters of 10 million rivers.

RajaMahedravaram selfie spot

4.Kotagummam selfie spot:It’s in city centre,attracts every one to take selfie.

Tourist-places-in Rajahmundry
Godavari River

5.Godavari River

Second longest river Godavari,flows 1,465 km,is widest at Rajahmundry,5km from Rajahmundry to Kovvur.3 bridges span the river&along its banks are several bathing ghats&parks.It’s Asia’s third longest road-cum-rail bridge crossing a water body.

Dowleswaram Barrage

6.The Dowleswaram(Sir Arthur Cotton)Barrage

An irrigation structure built on the lower stretch of the Godavari River,before empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Rajahmundry -Tourism
Sir Aurthur cotton

7.Sir Arthur Cotton Museum:

Arthur cotton known as Cotton Dora&Delta Architect of Godavari District. Popular for his various efforts in making Godavari River a fertile water resource.Museum depicts the construction of barrage,working,Photographs &various tools that can be used in the fabrication of dam.

8.Goshpada kshetram

In kovvur visited ancient GolingeswaraSwamy temple&enjoyed APtourism boating&Godavari Aarathi.

9.ISKCON Temple

Sri Radha Gopinath Dasavtara Mandir is at GowthamiGhat of Godavari river. It’s the second largest ISKCON Temple(2 acres)in South India.It houses the idols of Sri RadhaGopinath,SubhadraDevi,Govinda,Jaganath,Baladeva& Dasavataras.As we visited in the evening,it’s beautiful with lighting.

At night reached our resort Palavelli,Dindi.

Rajahmundry -Tourism-places
Dindi Resort

10.Dindi-80km from Rajahmundry

The tranquil&panoramic village of Dindi is famous for its virgin backwaters.The serene palm-fringed canals,coconut groves,lakes&lagoons offer a memorable getaway from the concrete jungle.Coconut Country Resort,Resort Dindi By The Godavari shown in many movies(Village lo Vinayakudu-telugu)

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