Top 5 waterfalls in monsoon around Hyderabad Telangana India

Top 5 waterfalls in Telangana around Hyderabad

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Kuntalafalls

Telangana state has many waterfalls,which are very beautiful specially in monsoon(Aug-Nov).It’s great experience to enjoy in monsoon weekends for Nature lovers.Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana1.Kuntala2.Bogatha3.Ethipothala 4.Mallelatheertham5.Bheeminipaadam.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana
Kuntalafalls,Highest falls of Telangana

1.Kuntala waterfalls:No.1 of Top 5 waterfalls in Telangana

Kuntala is highest waterfall of Telangana at 150ft height.It is in the dense forest of Sahayadri mountain range on Kadam river.Falls cascades down through two steps from a rocky platform.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Kuntalafalls

Local believe that it is named after Shakuntala,beloved wife of King Dushyantha were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the surroundings.Shakuntala used to bath here.

Location:Kuntala,Neredigonda mandal,Adilabad dist.260 km from Hyderabad,43 km from Nirmal,NH-7.Stay at Nirmal.How to reach:Reach Nirmal,travel 12 km to Neredikonda,reach kuntala falls.Motorable road is till the entry point of waterfalls from where 400 steps to get down,reach bottom of the falls in 15min walk.sigh tseeing: Pochera,Gayathri,Kanakai Waterfalls.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Pocherafalls,Adilabad

1.Pocherafalls:Height-40ft.10 Kms from Neredikonda village between Nirmal & Adilabad (a diversion is required at Boath cross roads)

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,gayathri waterfalls,Adilabad

2.Gayathrifalls:Height 100ft,also known as Mukti Gundam.Fall is by Kadam River,tributary of Godavari River.From Neredikonda reach Mokram village,trek till waterfall.Famous for National Rappelling competitions

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Kanakai waterfalls,Adilabad

3.Kakaifalls:Height-30ft.width 100ft .Kanakadurga temple is near,so known as kanakaifalls.Route:Nirmal-Echoda-Bajaratnoor bridge-2km trek till falls.Take guide from Girnur.For more details

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Bogatha waterfalls,
Bogathafalls,Telangana Niagarafalls

2.Bogatha waterfalls:No.2 of Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana

Bogathafalls are at 30ft height,width is 50ft,flows as parallel streams making beautiful scenary,into Godavari.It is popularly known as Telangana Niagara.

Location:Koyaveerapuram,Wazeedu Mandal,Jayashankar Bhupalpally dist.120km from Bhadrachalam,140km from Warangal,30km from Eturnagaram.How to reach:From Waragal-Laknavaram-from NH-163 take diversion between chikupalli,peddagollagudem for Bogathafalls,go 3km to reach parking,walk for 1km to view awesome falls.Sightseeing:Bogateswaraswamy temple is near falls,Laknavaram,Warangal.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Ethipothala waterfalls,NagarjunaSagar
Ethipothala waterfalls,NagarjunaSagar


Ethipothala waterfalls cascades down stepwise at height of 70ft on River Chandravanka(tributary of River Krishna)Falls flow towards NagarjunaSagar Dam.There is crocodile breeding center in the pond formed by the waterfall managed by Forest Department.Sagar right canal releases water,to make it beautiful 365days for visitors.

Location:14km from NagarjunaSagar,176km from Hyderabad.How to reach:From NagarjunaSagar,goin  Macherla road 8km.Take left turn to EthipothalaFalls at signboard,drive 3km to reach waterfalls parking.Walk 500steps down to fall view point.Sightseeing:Ranganath,Dattatreya temples near falls,Nagarjunasagar.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Mallela theertham waterfalls,Srisailam
4.Mallela teertham falls:

Mallela Theertham is a charming waterfall in Nallamala forest.From 100ft high cliff,water directly falls on Shiv Linga named fall is named after shivlinga.

,Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Mallela theertham,Srisailam
Mallela theertham,Srisailam

Location:173 km from Hyderabad, 58 km from SrisailamHow to reach:On  Hyderabad-Srisailam ghat road,fall is 54Km before Srisailam.Take a left diversion at Vatvarlapalli.Travel 10km on kacha road reach steps leading to MallelaTheertham.Walk 250steps down to reach waterfall.sightseeing:Srisailam.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Bheemunipaadamfalls

Waterfalls through a rock in the form of Bheema’s foot print,so named as Bheemunipaadam falls height 70ft.

Location:200km from Hyderabad,51km from Warangal.How to reach:Warangal-Gudur-travel 10km-Bhupathipet,go 5km turn left and reach falls via Chinnayellapur.Sightseeing:Warangal,Pakala.

Top 5 waterfalls of Telangana,Bheemunipaadam

Suggestions:Go in a group for falls in jungles,take a guide(Adilabad),don’t dive into deep waters,carry food-water from stay hotel.

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