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Tirumala top 10 places to visit | Tirupati Tourism


Tirupati Venkateswara Temple is one of two divya desams in Andhra Pradesh,  India. Thousands of devotees visit this shrine to have a glimpse of the divinely auspicious idol of Lord Venkateswara even for a moment.  Tirumala is Kaliyuga Vaikuntam. It is in the top list of Hindu shrines. Besides Tirumala temple there are many places to visit and appreciate in Tirumala hills. Here is the list of Tirumala top 10 places to visit.

Tirumala top 10 places to visit

Tirumala temple

1.Sri Venkateswara temple-Tirumala top 10 places to visit

Tirumala Lord Venkateswara temple is famous temple in India and around the world. It is most popular temple in India and specified as Divya Deshams in India.Visit Swamy pushkarini first, take bath then proceed to Sri Varaha Swamy temple. Also visit Bedi anjaneya swamy temple exactly opposite to main shrine near Nadaneerajanam stage.

2. Akasa Ganga

Once Lord appeared before Sri Acharya Tirumala Nambi. With an arrow Lord projected water fall on Anjanadri. It is called as akasa Ganga. Every day Acharya Tirumala Nambi dynasty bring this Theertham holy water for Lord Venkateswara Abhishekam.


tirumala falls view point


It is one of sacred & prominent Theerthams located in Tirumala. According to Sri Venkatachala puranam, a holy bath in this theertham will purify the sins of devotees & bless with peace,prosperity and progress.

4. Silathoranam-Tirumala top 10 places to visit 

Natural rock arch formation like temple entrance. It’s 2500 million years old.

5. Sri Venkateswara museumTirumala top 10 places to visit 

It is also called Sri Venkateswara Gnana vignana mandiram. It’s a museum of history & architecture of Tirumala temple. Honored articles, religious artifacts & statues are related to Sri Venkateswara swamy.


6.Mathru Sri Tarigonda Vengamamba Nitya Annadana complex

Thousands of devotees get Anna prasadam at free of cost.The new complex facilitates around 75,000 to 1 lakh pilgrims daily in 12 hrs.It serves rice,roti and sabji.It’s one of largest solar kitchens with machinery in India. From verses of Vedas”Annadanam samam Danam Trilokeshu Na Vidhathe“means Food to the devotees is supreme & incomparable to any charity.


Deer park

7.Deer park – Tirumal top 10 places to visit

It’s on the return journey from Tirumala to Tirupati. It’s in the middle of steps way. Nature is beautiful here with best views and lot of deers to enjoy.

8. Srivari paadalu and Garuda rock

when we go through steps way we can see Srivari paadalu and Garuda rock the natural rock formation which looks like Garuda.


9.Narayanagiri gardens

It’s pleasant hilly area with gardens, fountains and lawns. It’s cool and best place to relax far away from crowd.

10.Theerthams around Tirumala- Tirumala top 10 places to visit

Auspicious days for important Theerthams

1.Chakra theertham – Karthika Masam – Ksheerabdi Dwadas

2. Kumaradhara           – Magha Pournam

3. Thumburu                  – Phalguna Pournam

4. RamaKrishna            – Pushya Pournami

Other Theerthams are Pandava, Vaikuntha, Sesha, Jupali, Seethamma, Sanaka Sanandana, Pasupu theerthams etc.



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