Top 5 Telugu movies temple locations

Telugu movies temple locations

We often see some temples in many movies. But we don’t know where exactly they are located. In this post sharing Top 5 temples shown in Telugu movies. Top 5 Telugu movies temple locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

1.Ammapalli SriRama temple(siddula gutta)

2.Sanghi temple

3.1000 pillar temple

4.Ramappa temple

5. Yaganti temple.

Popular temple in Telugu movies
Kodanda Rama Temple

1.Sri KodandaRama Swamy temple, Ammapalli  temple in Telugu movies temple locations

Location: 5 km from Shamshabad, near airport, Hyderabad, Telangana.  History:Sri Rama at vanavasa has taken rest here. Anjaneya was not there at that time,so he is called as Kodanda Rama.(this place included in dandakaranya as per Ramayana)

This temple is of 11th century,constructed by Chalukyas. 90 ft Gopuram(7 starred tower)is main attraction. A single black stone sculptured Rama, sita, Lakshmana idols, including makara thoranam are rare. It is one of 6 in all over India representing 11th century sculpture. Anjaneya idol is placed beside Garuda at dwajasthaba.

Things to do: Siva temple, Anjaneya temple, koneru, Nagara, kalyana madapam included in 9.5 acre.Timings:6 am-1.30 pm and 2.30-7.30pm.

450 movies shot here. Murari movie temple location & Maryada Ramanna movie temple location

popular temple in telugu movies
Sanghi temple

2.Sanghi temple in Telugu movies temple locations

Location: 30 km from Hyderabad,near Ramoji film city,Sanghi.

History:The main god is 9.5 ft Lord Venkateswara. Temple was constructed in 1991. Chola Chalukya style architecture. Maha dwaram, huge temple complex are main attractions.The temple was on a hillock called Paramanand giri. It was developed by Sanghi industrial group,so named as Sanghi temple. 150 steps to reach temple.

Timings: 5-8 am and 6-8 pm Archanas, sevas will be performed.               General timings:8-10.30 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.

Things to do: Visit sub temples dedicated to Padmavathi, Ashta lakshmi, Rama, Anjeneya, Shiva, Durga, Ganesha, Karthikeya, Navagraha. Pavitra vanam(holy garden) in which plants are grown leaves,flowers will be offered to gods. View from hillock is beautiful. Movies: Telugu movies shot here. Osaravelli,Bommarillu,Katamarayudu

Top 5 temple locations in telugu movies
Brilliant architecture of Kakatiya

3.1000 pillar temple in Telugu movies temple locations

LOCATION:Warangal city,Telangana.History:It was constructed in 11th century by Rudra Deva in Chalukya style of architecture. Main gods of this temple are Lord Vishnu, Rudreshwara swamy(Shiva) and SuryaDeva. This temple stands as statement of finest art of Kakatiyas.

The temple has brilliant architecture with richly carved pillars. A huge black basalt single stone carved Nandi attracts tourists.Timings:5 a.m.-9 p.m.

Top 5 temple locations of Telugu movies
Nandi mandapam
4.Ramappa Temple: 

Location:70km. from Warangal city,Telangana.History:Ramalingeswara temple known as Ramappa temple because Ramappa was chief sculptor. It was built by kakatiya rular Ganapathi Deva(12th century). This temple was built with bricks that easily float on water. At the entrance Black basalt stone Nandi was main attraction in NandiMandapam.

Top 5 temple locations of telugu movies
ceiling sculpture of Ramappa

Temple was in valley so took 40 years to complete temple.Elaborate carvings line the walls,pillars and ceiling.6 ft high platform surrounds temple named pradakshinapatha,we’ll admire architectural brilliance.It’s varsham movie location.


Things to do:Ramappa lake

Top 5 temple locations of telugu movies
Yaganti cave
5. Yaganti :

Location:76km. from kurnool,Andhra pradesh.History:Lord Siva self manifested as Arthanareswara called Uma maheswara swamy. It belongs to 5th century.Timings:7-11am,5-8pm.

Movies: Akkadiki pothavu chinnavada(Nikhil) Kerala cave temple.

Things to do: Banaganapalli, Belum caves, Mahanandi.

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