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Tapeswaram Kaja-laddu sweet | famous Andhra sweets online

Guinness world record laddu-Tapeswaram sweets

Tapeswaram reminds us the delicious Andhra sweets Tapeswaram Kaja-laddu sweet.kaja known for it’s taste which looks as folded mat(layers) looking in light brown colour from outside and wheat colour inside,between which the juice slides from.It makes everyone say,Yum-Yum what a taste!whether a kid or adult.Awesome taste brings water in mouth of every one&make people to buy it,when they think of it.TheTapeswaram kaja became popular and made the village a popular place in Andhra.

tapeswaram sweets

tapeswaram shop(SugarFountain)

people when visit near&dear around Tapeswaram they gift Tapeswaram Kajas friends,relatives who are located in other places too.Tourists who come here definitely thinks to taste them before they leave.This khaja stood as special item among sweets in many national level political meets and conferences across the state.The Suruchi foods became as popular world wide,when it got Guiness book of world record(2016 sep)for making huge laddu of 29,465 kg for lord Ganesh.

My trip to Tapeswaram

In my Godavari dairies,day-2 we visited Tapeswaram(Kakinada-50km, Rajamundry-24km)enjoyed delicious sweets,got bags for friends&family.As I love Milk sweets besides them first time enjoyed kaja.We felt proud to visit Guiness world record holder shop.Tapeswaram lord shiva temple has a great importance like kashi Vishwanatha.

andhra sweets online

Tapeswaram kaja

Kakinada kaja History&Inventor

Inventor Sri Polisetty Satti Raju who belongs to Brahmapuri Village,near Kotipalli came to Tapeswaram along with family.Mr.Ramaswamy have a sweet stall in Mandapeta in that shop Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju used to work.Later Ramaswamy closed his shop&Mr.polisetty Satti Raju started his own coffee hotel in the village.Based on his previous experience,he started making sweets in a different way which caught the instinct of many around&slowly the name got propagated.

south indian sweets

Tapeswaram DryfruitSweets

More interested info about how Suruchi Foods was started

Mr.Polisetty Satti Raju has started making sweets on a dedicated full time activity.Many of his family members followed him&established their own shops here.Apart from Khaja,he made other Andhra specials like Arisalu, Sunnundalu,Khajjikayalu.Finally it became family business&Mr.Malli Babu took over this as a direction after his father,followed innovative ways of making khaja by utilizing a combination of man&machinery which increased the production capacity while maintaining quality to meet the demands of it’s fans.These 2 south indian sweets shops are side by side

1.Suruchi foods:Guiness world record laddu

The largest individual laddu weighs 29,465 kg&was achieved by PVVS. Mallikharjuna Rao,in Tapeswaram,AP,India,on 6 September 2016. The laddu was made to a traditional Boondi recipe.

tapeswaram andhra sweets

Andhra special

khaja recipe includes ghee,refined oil,cashew nuts,sugar,almonds, cardamom&water.

Specials: Andhra Sweets (pindivantalu): Kakinada kaja, Arisalu, Badusha, Bellam Gavvalu, Kova & Kalakand Bengali, dry fruits sweets(fruit basket), Suruchi specials, hot items. Now these Andhra sweets at online…

It’s like Indian sweet shop near me, as we can shop online Suruchi foods

2. Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets:Tapeswaram laddu

Visit website to see 5-Time Guiness Record Winner 

Tapeswaram’s Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets owner S.Venkateswara Rao got Guinness record, world’s biggest sweetmeat for the 5 consecutive years. They have bagged the Guinness Record for

5,570 kg laddu in 2011

6,599 kg in 2012

7,132 kg in 2013

7,858 kg in 2014

8,369 kg in 2015.

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