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sweet festival Hyderabad

International Sweet Festival Hyderabad – 2018 for sweet tooth

Sweet Festival Hyderabad 2018

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How many Indian and International sweets have you seen in parties and festivals?A hundred,2-3 hundred? How about a thousand varieties of Indian  and International desserts ? Well, it’s like a celebration for sweet lovers.Why you know we can have from stalls.In Telangana the World Sweet festival Hyderabad 2018 is organised by Telangana Tourism in the city of Nawabs and we attended & tasted tempting sweets.

The sweet festival is being organised to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad in a sweet way.The idea behind the festival is to make people aware of the different kinds of traditional sweets and the variations in their recipes that have been passed down to the generations from their ancestors.

sweet festival 2018

Large jangry display

Telangana-Sweet Festival Hyderabad

Telangana, India’s 29th and youngest state of the India.Influenced by historical legacy of many kingdoms.With many cultures, traditions, different religions, customs given rise to Unique identity of Telangana and Hyderabad, where ‘North meets the South’.This reflects the different cuisines, food habits from Hyderabadi Biryani to Irani chai, this region is home to some of the best Indian cuisineis.

The fact to choose Hyderabad for hosting food  is it’s home to a wide range of food items, prepared by different communities. Such events also play an important role in building a healthy interaction and respect among people from different states in our country, with enthusiastic participation.Now it hosted the World Sweet Festival in Parade Grounds of Secunderabad.

International Kite Festival and Sweet Fest 2018-Hyderabad

It’s great moment of pride for India and a tribute to our traditional cuisines and desserts on the occasion of Sankranti festival & the International Kite Festival.The sweet fest has featured sweets and desserts from 25 Indian states and 8 International countreis.The dessert recipes sourced from various locations prepared locally, by members of various organizations.

There are no hotels, shopkeepers, caterers or commercial representatives.The categorization of stalls done,not according to the states or their places of origin.But according to the sweet consistancy they served like solids, semi solids, liquids, semi liquids etc.

International food festival


Attractions of food festival Hyderabad

Ariselu, Dry fruit Burfi, Ghee Mysorepak, Besan Ladoo, Bombay Karachy Halwa, Boondi Laddu, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi&displayed large sweet models.

international food festival Hyderabad


India has some 17 varieties of kheers(payasams) in different parts and all served together at this World Sweet Festival Hyderabad. It symbolised unity in diversity that we love the most.The sponsors of the festival provided gift coupons to the attendees.The associations arranged stalls provided recipe classes and live demonstrations.

Telangana sweet festival


Differents states and most tempting sweet

Telangana – Qubani ka meeta;Andhra pradesh – Putharekulu

Arunachal Pradesh – Khapse;Assam – Narikol laddu

Bengal – Rasgulla;Karnataka – Mysorepak;Bihar – Khaja

Kerala – Ilayappam;Tamilnadu – Pongal;Gujarat – Basundi

Rasthan – Ghevar;Maharashtra – Modak

Uttar pradesh – Balushahi;Kashmir – Chhena poda

Manipur – Chakha kheer;Nagaland – Koat pitha

Haryana – Gond ke laddo;Madhya Pradesh – Mawa  Bati

Himachal Pradesh – Babroo;Panjab – Pinni;Meghalaya – Pukhlein

Hot sales-Jalebi , halwa , Burfi , Chocolates , drinks.

 sweet festival Hyderabad


It’s boon for foodies to taste a sweet varieties from different nations.Such huge festivals serve as a right platform for displaying many traditional recipes to show their talent.The variety and different flavor of these sweets in World Sweet Festival Hyderabad gave us sweet memories.

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