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Srisailam weekend Trip from Hyderabad | How to do Top 5 activities in 2 days

 Srisailam weekend trip

Srisailam weekend trip leads to beautiful environment of Nallamalai hills. It’s 210Km from Hyderabad(4-5 hrs). Hyderabad is well connected to all cities in India through airways and railways. To enjoy nature, prefer car or bike. From Hyderabad take outer ring road exit – 14 that leads to destination.

Srisailam Temple importance

Lord Mallikarjuna swamy temple is second jyothirlinga templeof 12 & Goddess Bhramaramba is sixth SakthiPeeta of 18. Neck part of Satidevi fell down here according to Devibhagavatham. Both siva&sakthi are self manifested and are in one temple complex hence is rare of its kind. so it is identified as ILA-KAILASA, called as kailasa on earth. The temple has its own importance hence in our regular rituals we specify place and location of our existence with reference to Srisailam(Like Srisailasya… vayavya… pradeshe).


srisailam darshan
Mallikarjuna swamy,Bhramaramba Devi

 Sevas available

Book tickets online from

People prefer Abhishekam seva for Mallikarjuna swamy & kumkumarchana to srichakra at Bhramaramba devi.

we booked rooms from temple website mentioned above. Pathala Sadanam which is besides rope way is our stay. Rooms are good but food we have to arrange from outside.

Accommodation in Srisailam
pathala sadanam

Srisailam weekend trip from Hyderabad-Cover top 5 activities in 2 days

Planning: weekend-2 days, one night recommended.

 trekking near srisailam
Mallela theertham

1. TREKKING Mallela Theertham

On Hyderabad-Srisailam ghat road mallela theertham is 54 Km before destination. A left diversion at Vatvarla palli village & journey in forest  10 km on kacha road ,leads you to steps of MallelaTheertham. After 2 Km down trek (250 steps) Nature’s beautiful waterfall appears.From 100ft high cliff, water directly falls on Malleswara Swamy Shiva Linga .so fall is named after shivlinga. In monsoon season fall will be awesome so go with season. Listen to fall, observe medicinal plants. Take diversion for Tiger safari if you love wild life. We spent up to afternoon, moved to dam.

2. Srisailam dam – Boating in Srisailam weekend trip

Evening we reached dam, enjoyed panoramic views. Boating at Pathala ganga is good idea. Small round rowing boats look beautiful on river. Boating is great at sunset.

Shopping: Snacks&shopping is reasonable here.

As they are hair pin curve roads, before dark we reached hotel.

srisailam ropeway
srisailam Rope way
3. Srisailam ROPE WAY-Pathalaganga ghat-Srisailam weekend trip

Morning around 7 a.m. rope way is free. We had Karthika masam holy bath at Pathala ganga river. Enjoy sunrise in valley. It’s of 3-4 min ride with to&fro ticket. After getting down, 5 min to reach bathing ghats. Dress changing rooms are there.

srisailam temple
Mallikarjuna temple
4. Srisaialm Temple – Srisailam weekend trip

We booked  online ticket for Abhishekam at Vruddha Maliikarjuna temple in the morning, on that ticket we had main temple darshan Mallikarjuna Jyothirling and Brahmaramba Shaktipeeta. Also visit sub shrines in the complex.

 Srisailam sightseeing
5. Srisailam Sightseeing- srisailam weekend trip

Sakshiganpathi, Hatakeswaram, phaladhara panchadhara,

pancha-mathas, sikareswaram&chenchu museum.

All these you can cover in a half day in return journey to Hyderabad.

places to see around Srisailam:

Istakameswari temple

Bheemuni kolanu

Bhairava Sela

Akkamahadevi caves



Siddha Ramappa kolanu

Bhramaramba cheruvu

srisailam forest


Guptha Mallikarjunam.

If you have time visit these, as each place has it’s own importance.


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