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12 Shiv jyotirling India

Dwadasha shiva jyotirlinga India | 12 Jyotirlinga temples and locations

Shiva Jyotirlinga India

Jyotirlinga means light of devine power in linga due to lord Shiva self manifestation.12 Shiva jyotirlinga India are worshipped,believed to be most powerful and sacred places. The three gods has come from Sri Maha Vishnu to maintain the universe. They represent Brahma-creation,Vishnu-existance, Maheswara-extinction. Lord Shiva is god of strength and he easily fulfills the wishes of devotees so called as Bholenath.

Jyotirlinga History-Shiva jyotirlinga India

At the night of Arudra nakshatra for the first time lord Shiva self manifested him self as dwadasa Jyotirling.The 12 jyotirlinga has visited by Sri Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya and written 12 jyotirlinga mantra in sanskrit.

Dwadasa Jyotirlinga stotram

Sourashtre Somanadham cha Srisaile Mallikarjunam||

Ujjainyam Mahakalam Omkare Omeleswaram||

Pajyalyam Vaidhyanadham cha Dhakinyam Bheema Shankaram||

Setu Bandhetu Ramesham Nagesham Daruka Vane||

Varanasyamtu Vishwesham Triambakam Goutami thate||

Himalayetu Kedaram Ghrishnesham cha Shivalaye||

Aethani Jyotirlingani Sayam Prathah Pate naraha||

Sapta janma kritham papam smaranena Vinashyati||

12 shiva jyotirlinga india & locations

List of 12 Jyotirling temples of Lord Shiva & locations at present in India as follows

12 jyotirling


1. Somnath,Gujarat(Arabian sea shore)

Somanath jyotirlinga is first shrine. In the olden days it was considered to be the richest temple in India.As studded with gold and gems,it was destroyed by various invaders and by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb many times ,rebuilt 16 times.In 1947 it was restored by Indian government and installed by president Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

As per legend,God Chandra married 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati.He loved only Rohini and the other daughters of Daksha were upset about this.He neglected the saying of Daksha to take care of other wives.One day Daksha with impatience cursed Chandra to loose his glow.Then Chandra started worshiping lord Shiva in this jyotirlinga for 4000 years.Lord Shiva appeared and blessed,so Chandra started shining again.Thus lord Shiva became Somanath.

Srisaila Mallikarjuna Jyotirling


2.Mallikarjuna Swamy temple-Srisailam,Andhra Pradesh(River-Krishna)

It is one of three Shrines of India,that blessed with Shakthi peeta&Jyothirlinga in one temple complex.Shakti peeta:Arunasura story-Aadishakthi in the shape of Bhramara(bee) killed the demon Arunasura and settled here as Bhramaramba Devi.During Daksha Yagna the neck portion of sathi Devi fell here.

Jyotirlinga: Saint Silada son is Parvatha. He performed penance, pleased Siva promised him to live on his body. He gave boon as gods and sacred waters (theerthas)permanently remain on his top.Visiting this scared place gives us the Moksha.Then Parvatha took the shape Hill ‘Srisailam’ and lord Shiva settled as Sriparvatha Swamy.So this hill is also called as SriParvatha.

Other legend,once shiva and parvathi unable to decide whom should get married first Ganesh or karthikeya. Ganesha first came,doing pradakshina to his parents.So he first married siddhi and Buddhi.Karthikeya got angry and went to krauncha parvatha.Shiva parvathi waited long time for his son and settled as mallikarjuna&Bhramaramba.

Mahakaleswar shivling,


3. Mahakaleshwar Temple,Ujjain Madhya pradesh (Kshipra river)

It is second shrine with Shakti peeta(Mahakali)&Jyotirlinga(Mahakaleshwar)Bhasma-Aarti is special ritual performed in the morning. With ash Shivalinga is bathed.

History:Once Ujjain king Chandrasena attacked by demon Dushana.Demon bathered brahmins and people of kingdom.King&people were devotees of lord Shiva.Thus with all prayers of devotees lord Shiva appeared and killed the demon.Finally lord Shiva as Mahakaleswar has been residing in this holy city for the people of Ujjain.

12 jyotirlinga images

12 shiv jyotirlinga

4.Omkareshwar and Mamaleswar ,Madhya pradesh(Narmada river)

These temples are in Om shaped island Mandhata,on bank of Narmada river.History:Mount Vindhya performed penance for lord Shiva.And blessed with a boon to become larger than mount Meru.Due to request of gods and saints the worshiped Shiva ling divided into 2 parts Omkareshwar and Mamaleswar. Another legend is lord shiva appeared before gods to defeat demons.Here king Mandhata performed penance&lord Shiva appeared to bless him.

jyotirling in India

shivling in india

5.Baidyanath temple,Jharkhand

According to legend Ravana sacrificed his ten heads in order to gain the Aatma linga of lord Shiva.  His heads were joined here by lord Shiva. So called as Vaidhyanath (doctor). Devotees pray here for health.

Parali Vaidyanath Temple in Maharashtra(mount Meru) is also considered as jyotirling by devotees.Everyday from Harihar Teerth water is brought to worship Lord Shiva in the Vaidyanath Temple.Rani Ahilya Bai rebuilt this temple.

Maharashtra jyotirling

Bhimashankar jyotirling

6.Bhimashankar Temple,Maharashtra(Bhima river)

Bhimashankar Temple is situated in Bhorgiri in Sahayadri Hills near Pune.It is also called as ARTHANAREESWARA ling,as it look like two parts.Legend goes like this Bheema demon want avenge his father Kumbhakarna’s death.He prayed Bhahma,got powers&started suffering people.Even tried to kill lord Shiva devotee as not worshipping him.Then Lord Shiva killed demon and manifested as Bheemshankara.Bathing in Moksha&Gnana kund removes sins.

shiva jyotirlinga india

Rameswara jyotirling

7.Rameshwara swamy temple,Rameswaram,Tamilnadu

It is one of Char Dham. This temple is known for its unique architecture and the largest hall way. We have to travel through sea to reach here. As per legend SriRama after killing Ravana,wanted to get rid of sins of killing Brahmin. Rama asked Hanuma to bring Shiv ling from Himalaya. Rama installed Sita made Shiv ling(sand) as Hanuma was late. So there are 2 shiv ling. Devotees  take bath in 22 theerthas to visit Rameswara swamy.

shiv jyotirling

nageshwar jyotirlinga

8.Nageswara temple,Daarukavanam,Dwaraka dist,Gujarat

Once Daaruka, a demon in Darukavana attacked Shiva devotee Supriya and imprisoned with others.They prayed, lord Shiva appeared&vanquished demon since then residing there in the form of a Jyotirlinga.Daaruki,demon wife is devotee of Mata Parvati.Mata Parvati renamed the forest ‘Darukavana’ in her honour.

shiva jyotirlinga in india

Kashi jyotirling

9.Kashi Vishwanath temple,Uttar Pradesh(River-Ganga)

The holy city Kashi is also called as Varanasi or Banaras.Vishwanath means ruler of the universe.According to sanathana Dharma it is the oldest in the world and can never be destroyed as lord Shiva himself had made this city.It is a place where Brahma,Vishnu&Shiva live.Lord Shiv devotees do kashi yatra once in their life time.They believe who die here can attains moksha(liberation).

Once Bhahma and Vishnu had an argument about supremacy of creation.Then Shiva him self manifested in a jyotirlinga that has no ends.In finding ends, Brahma lied that he found the end,so cursed by Shiva.Vishnu agreed his defeat so blessed to be worshipped at the end of eternity.And the jyotirling remained here as Vishwanatha.Annapurna&Vishalakshi are presiding deities.

trimbakeshwar temple history

Trimbakeswar jyotirling


In Triambakeshwar Lord Shiva appears in the form of three-linga named Brahma,Vishnu&Shiva. According to legends once unintentionally sage Gouthama caused a cow to die.To get rid of that sin he prayed Lord Shiva and asked to send Ganga to purify him. Kushavarta is river Godavari birth place.

12 jyotirling photo

Kedarnath jyotirling

11.Kedarnath temple, Uttarakhand(river-Mandakini)

Pandavas wanted to get rid of all their sins after MahaBharath battle.So they performed penance for lord Shiva.Lord Shiva appeared in kedarnath as a triangular shaped Jyotirlingam. Pandavas constructed temple later jagad guru Aadi Shankaracharya visited. The temple is closed in winter and lord Shiva brought down to Ukhimath. During Vaisakh the idol is reinstalled for pilgrims.

maharashtra jyotirling

Ghrishneswara jyotirling

12.Grishneshwar Temple,Maharashtra

History-Once there was Ghushma a lord Shiva devotee. Her devotion caused jealous to her relatives,who killed her son.she was sincere in praying. One day lord Shiva appeared with her son.From then lord resided as Grishneshwar. Temple is famous for architectural skills,which is near to Ajanta-Ellora caves.


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