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say no to crackers this diwali slogans

say no to crackers on Diwali with 10 years old kid?

Say no to crackers on Diwali

I’ve prepared to convince my 10 years old kid to ‘say no to crackers this Diwali’.Is this possible to convince him?It’s a big doubt in my mind.For kids Diwali is bursting Crackers.As he is growing I’ve to explain now-a-days life style,affects of crackers on society,what is Diwali,how it is related to our ancient methods.And finally after so much theory,is he able to say NO to crackers?let us see..

Before sitting him,I’ve asked what is Deepavali?

Festival of light signifying victory of good over evil&light over darkness.

I’ve asked what is meaning of Deepavali(Sanskrit word)?

He said “row of lights” and festival of crackers.So i’ve started saying…

say no to crackers this diwali

Scientific reason to lit diyas

Importance of Diwali:Diwali is the time to reconnect with family.People need to switch over to values&old ways of celebrating Diwali to bring back the greater joy that is associated with the festival.On Naraka Chaturdi,in our childhood we used to get up in the morning.And used to blast 1 or 2 crackers as celebrating Demon Narakasura death.

Dipavali evening,lighting more diyas related to a Scientific reason that the fire of diya&the chemicals it releases in air kill the germs,bacteria during wet&humid climate of october-november.The light of diya produces magnetic changes in the atmosphere of the surroundings.The electromagnetic force produced lingers on the skin for alteast three hours&activate blood cells.

Reasons to say no crackers:

1.Bursting of crackers,chemical change:

Harmful chemicals:Lead,Charcoal,Magnesium,Potassium chlorate,Sulphur Dioxide,Strontium,Copper,Barium,green Sodium,yellow Titanium,Aluminium.These chemicals are used to make firecrackers causing very bad effect on your health.The high magnesium content can cause wheezing,shortness of breath.

say no to crackers this diwali

disease due to crackers

2.Disease due to crackers:

A W.H.O’s study found that sudden noise pollution,which eventually increases on Diwali due to fire crackers,is harmful for heart diseases,hypertension,lack of sleep&even cognotive development in kids.Not only that every year after Diwali many burn injuries occurs.

3.Bursting crackers,noises:

Human ear have the capacity to hear from 1db(3KHZ)-100db,120db- discomfortable,140db-painful,which may cause permanent hearing impairment..burn injuries

say no to crackers this Diwali

slogans of crackers

4.Bursting crackers and Society:

Diwali is a horror to the pets,Heart patients.The loud sounds may scare new born babies,pregnant women,elder people.Think about your social responsibility.

5.Burning money

The money we spend on burning crackers for our happiness,really lights up the lives of many people around us.That’s the right way to celebrate Diwali.Not only that,Eco friendly Diwali gives healthy life to future generations&tribune to Mother Earth as we stop Environment pollution.

say no to crackers this diwali

crackers Diwali

News paper: I’ve made him to think about,how children are fighting for this cause,showing newspaper&explained why Supreme court banned crackers, sale of crackers in the national capital.

Finally I’ve succeeded,wih a promise of NO CRACKERS from next year&Reduced to minimum this year.With his dad ,my son brought few crackers.

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