Ramoji film city-night view

Ramoji film city-day tour |Top Attractions of World’s largest film studio

Ramoji film city Day Tour Attractions – Hyderabad

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The world’s largest film studio complex-certified by Guiness world Records

A visit to Ramojifilm city-yeah a magical kingdom filled with excitement and wonderful surprises at every moment.It’s meant for Solo travellers to Families, Honeymooners to Senior citizen couple.It’s India’s only thematic holiday destination with magic of cinema, there’s something special for every one.It’s a  wonderland where filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film and 1.5 million tourists build memories every year.It’s one of Top Hyderabad attractions.

Ramoji film city-night view
Night view

10 years back me with my husband as honeymooners came here,now this is my second visit with my son and film city didnot dissappoint me at all.Come let’s have a visual day tour with me.

Visit Ramoji film city for online ticket

I suggest to stay a night in film city to experience the mesmerizing night view & in day you can’t cover entire film city too.

Ramoji film city-opening ceremony
opening ceremony

Ramoji film city-day tour package

Timings: 9 am-7.30 pm; entrance time 9 am-2 pm                                                          cost: For adults-Rs.1250, Kids-Rs.1050

We have booked package online for a day tour.We can buy directly from counter,but be there by 9am.After checking in security zone,we get into bus that takes you to main entrance of film city.After 10min ride we reached entrance.

Opening and closing ceremony

Every day at 9.45am opening ceremony.There will be a closing ceremony too.Imagine yourself to be a royal king as performers mark your entry&exit to the land of dreams in the most pompous manner.From colourful dances to rocking music&feel life cannot get more ceremonious.

Ramoji film city-Fundustan

When we entered film city royal buses are ready,in every bus there will be a Guide.They guide us what to see at that point&where to catch another bus.Fundustan&Eureka are at entrance where many rides appear,we tried some rides&moved to Studio Tour.

Ramoji film city-movie magic

Studio Tour(Movie Magic)

Travel through the Live Studio where your favorite celebrities have shot their scenes.Open vintage tour bus takes you to the trip of everlasting memories.It covers Action Theatre-Film making experience(they will tell what movies were shot here),Mahabharatha&Bhagavatha sets.

shooting sets of Airport,Railway station,Central jail,Hospital,Helipad,south &North India locations.

Ramoji film city-Wings-Bird park

Bird park&Shows

We covered Princess,Fantasy,Kerala palm streets.Visited Hawa Mahal, Japanese garden,Wings-The Asia’s largest birds Aviary,Butterfly park,Bonsai garden,Krupalu caves.

Had lunch&watched shows Space yatra,Filmi Duniya,Light cemara action,4D movie,Wild west Stunt show&finally at Fundustan Dadajinn’s show.At Fundustan we spent time for our kid upto evening,attended closing ceremony.

Ramoji film city-Bahubali package

Ramoji film city-Special packages

Recently BAHUBALI PACKAGE was introduced,we are very excited to visit this.

Ramoji film city-Bahubali sets
Bahubali sets
Ramoji film city-Winter fest package

Every year Longest winter Fest Package from Dec-15 to Jan-28.New year Eve party on Dec-31 are available.One can try SAHAS package.

Ramoji film city-Sun fountain

Film city Round up

1.Eco Zone –Butterfly Park,WINGS-Birds park&Bonsai Garden.              2.Fundustan – Child play area,Borasura,Toyland&Rain Dance.                                3.MovieMagic – Action Theatre,Filmi Duniya&Space Yatra                           4.Shows at Eureka -Spirit of Ramoji,Wild West Stunt Show,Dadajinn’s Live TV Show&Lights Camera Action5.Complimentary Rides-Ranger,Break dance,Twister,Super jet,Carousel& Frisbee Coaster5.Shooting Locations,Fountais&Gardens.

Ramoji film city-Streets-images
Beautiful streets

Must do&do nots

1.Out side food not allowed.2.As it’s studio tour&need to walk,Dec&Jan-best months for visiting3.Prefer few shows to cover other attractions

Ramoji film city-fountains


Space yatra shop-Instant photos;Meena Bazar-Handicrafts& Jewellery; bird park – for kids.

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    great place to visit

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    मेरी पसंदीदा जगह। आपने यादे ताजा कर दी।

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    Wonderful presentation supported by practical experience. Very useful to the visitors.

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    Nice place and attracted photos. All the best

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