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Pancharama tour

3 days trip from Hyderabad | karthikamasam pancharama tour

Pancharama kshetras

Pancharama tour means thirtha yatra to Pancharamalu.Pancha-5,Aramalu means-living place of Lord shiva.Pancharama Kshetras are at Amaravati, Bhimavaram,Palakollu,Dhraksharamam and Samarlakota located in Guntur,Godavari districts.People believe that having darshan to all these five temples in a day of Karthika Masam gives them Koti theertha phala.

Pancharama tour


Pancharamalu tour by ap tourism

Every year in Karthika masam people visit all the Pancharamas in just one day with the tour packages of APSRTC from Vijayawada region.The bus for the Pancharama tour will leave Pandit Nehru BusStation at 4 am.Every Sunday, Monday&return the same night.

Pancharamalu tour

pancharama temples map

Pancharama tour from Hyderabad :

We already visited Amaravati,so planned night journey to Rajamundry from Hyderabad.

Day1:Reached Rajamundry had holy karthikaSnanam,at Saraswathi Ghat Started to Pattiseema(island)temple at 8am reched by 9am.Completed our darshan by 10am&started towards Samarlakota(50km) reched by 11.30&completed darshan at 1 pm.Next visited Pitapuram,Bikkavolu Sarpavaram temples&night stay at Rajamundry.

Day2:Today visited Dwarapudi,Draksharamam,Kotipalli,Ryali,Mandapalli, Ainavilli temples,stay at Dindi(Konaseema)

Day3:Morning visited Antervedi temple,next Palakollu,Bhimavaram completed our Pancharama yatra,returned to Rajamundry.Evening completed Rajamundry local sightseeing…signing off to Beautiful Godavari districts.

Pancharama tour

Pancharamalu History

Pancharama History:

Bheemeshwara Puranam by Shree Nathudu,Skanda&Shiva puranas mentioned,as legend Demons&gods stirred the milky sea to get Amrit.Gods met Lord Vishnu to avoid distributing Amrit to Asuras as it may lead to problems.Lord Vishnu as Mohini distributes Amrit only to gods.Demons got angry.Tarakasura grand son of Hiranya kashyapa had a great penance&got Aathma Linga(AmruthaLinga)of Lord Shiva,started troubling people&gods.As per boon,Tharakasura dies only by a boy.Gods went to Lord Shiva to find solution to punish Tharakasura.Lord Kumara Swamy incarnation thus happens to kill Tharakasura as a boy.

When there was a war between Tarakasura(demons)&Karthikeya(gods),no one could win over him due to the power of Aathma linga.To kíll Tarakasura, Karthikeya has broken the Shiva lingam into 5 pieces.To prevent the Linga from uniting all the pieces,they should be fixed in the place where they fell,by worshipping&building temples on them.These 5 pieces were installed as Sivalingas at 5 different temples by Indra,Surya,Chandra,Vishnu&Kumara Swamy at the respective places as follows



Pancharama tour


1.Amararamam:(Amaravati,Guntur dist):On the bank of Krishna river,Amara Lingeswara swami(15ft)-AghoraRupam is worshiped by Lord Indra.Goddess BalaChamundeswari Devi,VenuGopala swami temple is subshrine.

Pancharama tour


2.Somaramam:Gunupudi 4km from Bhimavaram,west Godavari dist SomeswaraSwami worshipped by Lord Chandra as SadyojathaRupam&get rid of his sins,so called as Somaramam.In front of temple Chandra kundam is present.

Pancharama tour


goddess AnnapurnaDevi is present in the second floor.Speciality of Shivalinga is changing color with lunar month at Amavasya-black,Pournami-white.

Pancharama tour


3.Ksheeraramam:(Palakollu,west godavari dist)

Ksheera RamaLingeswara swamy worshipped as EshanaRupam,gave Sudarshana chakra to Lord Vishnu,Upamanya Maharshi.

Pancharama tour

KsheeraRamaLingeswara Swamy

He got boons&milk forming pala kolanu(palakollu),so called Ksheeraramam.The temple Gopuram is 125ft height,goddess parvati.

Pancharama tour

Drakshramam temple

4.Draksharamam:(Draksharamam,East Godavari dist)

This temple is under control of Archeological department.Lord ShriRama,Surya&Indra worshiped BhimeswaraSwami as ThatpurushaRupam.

Pancharama tour


Goddess Manikyamba is 12th shaktipeeta.Vemulavada Bhimakavi,famous Telugu poet got boons here.Sapta Godavari Kundam near temple is famous.

Pancharama tour


5.Kumararamam:Samalkota,East Godavari dist

Kumara Bhimeswara Swami(17ft)worshipped by KumaraSwamy as VamadevaRupam,so called Kumararamam.

Pancharama tour


Goddess Bala TripuraSundari devi.Temple is in 2ndfloor.It is under the control of Archeological department.




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