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Hyderabad weekend Getaways

Know best attractions of Hyderabad,to explore in weekends.Go into the places that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Top Ganesha temples in India


Know about best temples of India that one must visit once in their life time.


Best Adventure Places to Enjoy in India

Visit little known hideouts and adventure places that your soul feel free like a bird.

Adventure biking in India
Ooty-Top places


About Me


I’m Gayathri Sharma,travel Blogger.Interested in Nature photography ,as nature beautifies earth.I would Love to blog on Tourism, life styles and photography. Inspired by Temples of India. I’ve started the blog simply to share my stories with the world and to become a source of Travel-inspiration for many others.

Yatras blog is with stories of my own travel experiences across the world. The blog has travelogues, travel tips, photography tips, Resorts and hotel reviews with a few travel videos.Trying to show my excitement about travel in my blogs.I would Like to write most about India my Mother Land .

It’s all about the wonderful yatras you would love to have around the world. While reading my blog come with me, feel like you are travelling. I’m typical Indian woman, travelling with my family (hubby & kid),taking care of my In-laws &mom. My interests are  Waterfalls, Temples, wild life, Photography , Adventures…I’m Hydrabadi. Planning every thing from Hi-Tex with a hope of “Life is Beautiful” and enjoy Bindaas Zindagi har ek pal.

I enjoy writing about my travels and sharing with people. Their feedback helps me as well as the blog to grow , explore and evolve.

with love …towards travelling.

Come, join with me in my Happy Yatras…..Gayathri Sharma

contact me-yatrasblog@gmail.com&

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Travel Blogs

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Travel Dairies

In My Travel blogs-I'll try to showcase my travel experiences in beautiful way.So that you can plan your favorite destination more realistically based on my real trip episodes. It deals with Travel-India trips,Places to visit in India,Top waterfalls in India,Top Indian temples,Top hill stations,Top adventures to do.Happy yatras.

How to enjoy Goa holidays other than beaches | Goa Top 20 places

How to enjoy Goa holidays other than beaches Planning holidays in Beach paradise Goa India ? Goa is all about Sun, Sand, Sea and Sky. From popular beaches Baga to lonely beaches Arossim, it has every thing for every one. Beyond beaches and water sports, this time try different in Goa which gives you memories …

India tours

Indian holiday trips

India tours is all about Places to visit in India. Temples-how to visit Indian temples  according to sanathana dharma, hill stations , historical cities, waterfalls, different states to explore, activities to do and things we should not miss around particular place we visit.

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