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Ooty tourism-Best 10 things to do in 2 days

Top 10 must do things Ooty-tourism
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Ooty-the Queen of Hill stations and popular summer hillstation in Soth India.Ooty AKA Udagamandalam always welcomes us with mesmerising meadows,misty mountains,cool weather and attractive sightseeing places to visit.This southern hill retreat is one of the 14 biodiversity hotspots of the world.In all seasons it wins hearts of nature admirers.

Ooty-Top places

Each tourist attraction in Ooty promises us a unique and awesome experience that will leave us life time memory and revisit thoughts. Ooty is a wonderful hill station and is one of the most  famous weekend getaway destinations from Bangalore. 

ooty sightseeing
Ooty toy train

1.Ooty Toy train ride

In 2005 UNESCO declared the Nilgiris Mountain Railway(NMR)as World Heritage Site being”outstanding examples of bold,ingenious engineering solutions for the problem of establishing an effective rail link through a rugged,mountainous terrain”.It’s a treasured element&fabled charm of Nilgiris since 1899.This Nilgiri rail system is unique as it’s the steepest one in Asia.It covers a spectacular journey from Mettupalayam to Udagamandalam,via Coonoor in the Nilgiri hills.

Ooty-must visit place

The track is 46 km,passes over 250 bridges(32 major)&through 16 tunnels.The whistling,chugging,fire,steam-clacking Nilgiri Mountain Toy train continues to inspire weaving through forests,moving through time,along the valleys&into the little dark winding tunnels,round the bends,up the gradients, through the glens,trees&birds.

Lake view

2.Boating in Ooty lake

The most fun&romantic activities of all was boating on Ooty Lake.It’s manmade lake commenced in 1824 by then British Governor John Sullivan. Boating is a popular activity at the lake&enthusiasts can choose from paddle,row or motor boats.

ooty-Top things to do

From the middle of the lake magnificent views of surroundings trees,gardens and forest make you fall in love with nature.

Ooty-top things to do
Tea plantations

3.Tea Plantation Tour(factory&museum)

The hillsides of Ooty are fertile for tea production.These plantations scattered around Ooty and taking a tour of these tea plantations gives us enthusiastic experience.With season we can observe tea buds being cultivated and harvested.Specially Dodabetta tea factory&museum is a special attraction and channelled walk through the factory gives enlightening experience &knowledge for tea production with a sampling of tea.There is also a counter to buy spices,chocolates,varieties of Nilgiri tea&oil.

Ooty-Top things to do
4.Trekking to waterfalls

Kalhatti falls-13 kms&Pykara Falls-20 kms from Ooty.Trekking to enjoy these waterfalls will take you close to nature.

Ooty-top things to do
horse riding spot
5.Horse riding near pine forest

Horse riding is another great way to explore the region&ranks high on our list of top things to do in Ooty.North Lake is one of the starting points for horse trails,up to the hillsides&wander in the grasslands of surroundings.Near pine forest one can try small rides too.

Ooty-top things to do
Madhumalai Safari

6.Safari in National parks

Mudumalai WildLife Sanctuary&Bandipur National parks offer great safaries.

Madhumalai-National park

safaries from morning 7.30-9am&evening3.30-5pm.(Bangalore way)

Ooty-places to visit
Ooty sightseeing
7.Ooty Sightseeing

Doddabetta Peak(highest point in the district-2623ft),

Botanical garden,Rose garden,stone house,Wenlock downs

Kamraj sagar dam,Avalanche Lake(Annamalai Temple),Emerald lake.

Ooty places-must visit
carrot farming
ooty-must visit places
cabbage farms
Ooty-must visit places

8.Visit carrot,apple&cabbage farms with kids&family

OOty-top things to do

9.Shopping gifts for everyone when back to home gives mere hapiness.spices,local tea&chocolates famous here.


10.Photography Don’t forget to capture every memory in your camera.


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