Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park | Hyderabad

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park

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Are you a wildlife lover,want to hangout in a pleasant environment with family &friends in Hyderabad,then Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is one of best picnic spot Lapped in the midst of Nature.This park is called as deerpark in Vanasthalipuram near L.B.Nagar.It is located nearly 18 km away from Hyderabad city towards outskirts,nearby Hyderabad–Vijayawada highway.The park looks picturesque in the monsoon with flowers& trees on the lush green carpet of grass.

It is was once a private hunting ground for the Nizam,rulers of Hyderabad.The park was inaguarated on 6th December 1975 and named after the holy Jain saint ,in commenoration of his 2500th birth anniversary. It is spread over 3,758 acres. It is the largest green lung space in the city of Hyderabad.A deer park was set up in order to preserve this precious heritage and rehabilitate it. It was donated by the nizam to establish a national park.

Main attractions of Deer park

The main park is beautified with  Environment education centre                                                                                                        Butterfly park                                                                                                                                          Safari&green lawns

The park is divided as 1 main park&4 Exten                                                                          a)1st Extn Mansoorabad Exten in Ha 338                                                                        b)2nd Extn Mansoorabad Exten in Ha 393                                                                      c)3rd Extn Mansoorabad&Quthbullapur Extn in Ha 310                                          d)4th Quthbullapur&Kuntloor Exten in Ha 326.32

Deer park safari,L.B.Nagar

Deer safari

Main attraction of this park is Deer.It is the home of Telangana state animal Chital , Andhra Pradesh state animal Black buck &Bird of Telugu states Indian Roller(Paala pitta in Telugu).It’s a tropical forest made up of several rocky exposures that are characteristic of Deccan formation.The government has also introduced van safaris to take the visitors on a ride within the park to watch the animals closely.

Deer park,L.B.Nagar

Flora and fauna

Flora-Sandalwood, rosewood, palas, amalthas, albizzias, accacias, teak

Fauna-The most striking species for the curious travelers are Foxes, Indian hares, Wild boars&Indian vipers.The other animals found here are  Indian porcupines, Indian pangolin, monitor lizards, Indian Cobra & several varieties of snakes.


Besides these there are also several species of other animals and birds such as Mongooses, short-toed eagles, Indian pond herons,Indian kingfishers, cormorants,peacocks, Butterflies and several other bird species.Butterfly park is another attraction.

Deer park,L.B.Nagar
Environment education museum
Environmental Education Centre

Visitors can also enjoy facilities of the Environmental Education Centre built to impart Nature Education and enjoy their nature trails.Forest department has arranged audio-visual education on nature and wildlife,Good library for reference to learn about wildlife conservation.

Deer park,L.B.Nagar
Deer park,L.B.Nagar Timings

Deer park,L.B.Nagar timings-Monday is a holiday,other days 9am-5pm

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