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konaseema Tourism Hyderabad Telangana| Places to see in Konaseema

konaseema Tourism Hyderabad Telangana

Lustrous coconut grooves,beautiful green fields and its resilience takes your breath away.It’s a dream tour destination for all, with enchanting beauty, peace and tranquillity.Magnificent landscape, ancient artistic temples and lavish greenery with backwater just stole your heart,Whether you travel by road,train or boat.A glance at the surrounding countryside will make to call paradise on earth.Sounding like Kerala?It’s mini kerala Konaseema blessed with virgin backwaters and the most scenic places of East Godavari district.


Konaseema coconuts

Konaseema’s northern edge is the river Gautami Godavari,the southern edge is Vasista Godavari and its Eastern side is the Bay of Bengal where the river flows into and Godavari divides into 8 tributaries confluence the sea.In Telugu,Kona-corner which resembles it’s shape seema -area of Godavai delta.Amalapuram is the Major town here and is known for its Vedic culture.Konaseema is known for coconut production and most fertile land present in Coromandel coast.It’s the only region in Andhra Pradesh to be blessed with abundant backwaters amidst fields,beaches,forests,temples, mangroves&oil rigs etc.

Konaseema tourism map

Konaseema-tourism map

Konaseema Travel Guide – Top 10 places to visit in Konaseema

1.Dindi:80km from Rajahmundry

Our night stay is Dindi-PalavelliResort. Morning visited coconut jungle & Vasista Godavari, Boating is available. After breakfast started for Antervedi.



We can book APTDC houseboat or private house boat , it covers few places, islands& Konaseema backwater.Evening boat will be anchored at resort area. Next morning we can visit Antervedi.

2.Antharvedi-Sri Lakshmi NarasimhaSwami temple(Dindi-25km)

At 9am we reached Antervedi,one of 9 Nava Narasimha Kshetras of south India.It’s a temple of TrethaYuga&beautiful sculpture.

Konaseema-Tourism places


After darshan enjoyed at Antervedi beach&sangam where river VasistaGodavari Confluences the Bay of Bengal&here 1hr boat trip,maintained by APTDC.

Konaseema-bullock cart

Bullock cart

Next visited Murumulla,Appanapalli,Ainavilli, Ryali,Mandapalli came Rajahmundry

3.Murumulla-Sri Bhadrakali sametha VeereswaraSwamy temple

This temple attracts people as it is ancient temple with legend related to Daksha Yagna made by Prajapathi&Veerabhadra Swamy-Shiva’s anger personification.Here Nityakalyanam is performed to LordShiva daily. Unmarried devotees believes,with a mere visit to temple,soon they’ll get married.

Konaseema-flora and fauna


4.Ryali-Sri Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy temple

In the self-manifested black stone idol of Jagan Mohini KesavaSwamy,lord Vishnu&Mohini can be seen on its front&rear sides.It dipects an excellent carving of KeshavaSwamy with Dasavatara on top,Govardhana giri.Oh!It’s Adbhuthaha AKA excellent with goddess Ganga in the form of water comes at feet.

Konaseema-Tourist places

Konaseema-tourism Ainavilli

5.Ainavilli-Sri SiddhiVinayakaSwami temple

Vyasa Maharshi installed a Ganapathi idol near river Godavari before starting his South India visit.


konaseema images

6.Mandapalli-Sri Mandeswara SaneeswaraSwamy temple

In India it’s only temple that Abhishekam of lord shiva done with oil,as it’s installed by Shanidev,second temple for Shanidev after ShaniSingnapur.


Goli soda

7.Appanapalli-Sri BalaBalaji temple

Appanapalli village is named after a sage Appana who did penance here.It’s  Tirupathi of Konaseema.

8.Maredumilli Forest

It’s one of the best tourist places in Eastern Ghats.Sightseeing:Jalatarangini falls-10km,Swarnadharafalls-20km&Pamuleru waterfalls.


coconut production

9.Korukonda-Sri LakshmiNarasimhaSwamy temple(Rajahmundry-20km)

korukonda means wish giving hill,self-manifested deity is at 120 mts height on top of the hill with 620 steps,at the foot of the hill temple is there.





On the way to Rajahmundry we covered above temples,  Palakollu&Bheemavaram. visit from AP tourism packages.


lotus pond

Itinerary – Konaseema from Hyderabad Telangana

Day 1 – Reach Rajahmundry to Dindi 80 km enjoy beauty of Dindi village, night stay in Dindi.

Day 2 –  Visit any of these temples on the way to Rajahmundry

Antarvedi temple, Murumulla temple, Appanapalli temple, Ainavilli temple, mandapalli shaneeswara temple, Ryali temples. night stay Rajahmundry.

Day 3 – Visit Papi kondalu for a day trip, night stay at Rajahmundry

Day 4 – Visit to Maredumilli forest near to Konaseema, back to Rajahmundry for Hyderabad train.

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