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3rd international kite festival 2018

3rd Telangana International Kite Festival – 2018 | Hyderabad

3rd Telangana International Kite Festival – 2018

A fun filled weekend entertained us in Hyderabad parade grounds with kite and sweet fest.This Makar sankranthi has become colourful for us, with high flying colour kites filling the skies of Hyderabad.Kite flying is a means of fun and entertainment, it also reflects our culture and traditions that has been carried forward since generations.

Kite Festival 2018

It is organized by Telangana Tourism with great fanfare in January, 2018 and brought a new identity to the tradition of Kite flying. Hyderabad has hosted Kites Festival 2018, with enthusiastic participants from scores of national and international flying clubs.

Kite festival-Hyderabad

Garuda kite



The Kite festival reflected a culture that Hyderabad is known for.It brought international professional kite-flyers,kite-enthusiasts from around the city.It’s aim is to educate and entertain through kite-making, kite-flying lessons&competition. Food fair,arts&crafts mela. attracted people.Special surprise in Festival is night-time Kite flying.

Countries, clubs and states

Eleven countries, along with the states, has participated in the event.A special night flying event also held in which expert flyers from China,Thailand, Spain, Korea,Sri Lanka,Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and other countries will display their kite flying skills.75 Kite Flyers,27 Kite Clubs has participated.

kite festival

Teddy bear kite

Names and shapes of kites were very attractive .Ring roller,Dragon,Caterpillar, Centipede,winged wonders,Octopus,National flag,Garuda,Venkateswara, Kathakali&cartoon characters like Teddy Bear, Spnge bob,Chota Bheem.

Telangana state kite festival has come with a social message – “Fly for the cause and educate the girl and she will change the world.”

Fly for a cause

Service for a cause is service to the nation. Helping hand to the needy is way in showing humanity to those who are in need.

Educate a girl-She will change the world

Young girls deserve a bright future with education to stand on their own feet and become active members of the society. Come forward, and adopt a girl child. Provide education to them, with your kind support. Make a difference in their lives!

programme schedule

It was scheduled for 13,14,15 of January 2018  at Parade grounds,Secunderabad.

  • Inauguration Ceremony
  • Kite Flying & Cultural Activities
  • Workshop on Kite Making&flying
  • Night Kite Flying
  • Closing Ceremony

International Sweet fest 2018 was special attraction here,from many countries and states.

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  1. fabulous post thanks for sharing your travel diary with us

  2. Hiral Amodia says:

    I was never aware of this. Loved it. The kites look so nice and overall environment is so vibrant.

  3. Colorful and fun filled !

  4. KVVS MURTHY says:

    Great festival to celebrate.All the best.

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