kaveri pushkaras 2017 in Karnataka and Tamilnadu states

kaveri pushkaras 2017 in Karnataka & Tamilnadu

Kaveri Pushkaras celebration starts from 12-9-2017,It’s 12 days festival of River Kaveri that normally occurs once in 12 years.Pushkaras are an Indian festivals dedicated to worshiping of rivers also known as Pushkar. This Pushkara is for a period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Tula rasi(Libra).Pushkara is celebration in the form of holy bath,ancestor worship,devotional cultural programmes&spiritual discourses at shrines along the banks of Kaveri.

Pushkaras celebrated at shrines along the banks of 12 major sacred rivers in India.Celebration happens annually,once in 12 years along each river.Those 12 Sacred rivers are Ganga,Reva(Narmada),Saraswathi,Yamuna,Godavari, Krishna,Kaveri,Bhimaradhi,PushkaraVahini,Thungabhadra,Sindhu, Praneetha.Each river is associated with a zodiac sign&the river for each year’s festival is based on which sign Jupiter is in at the time.

Kaveri pushkaras 2017

ORIGIN&Kaveri Pushkaras

The Kaveri river originates in the Brahmagiri ranges,Talakaveri of Kodagu district,flows through large parts of Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and also some parts of Kerala&Pondicherry.Kaveri is also called as Dakshina Ganga.As it flows forming a wide delta called the garden of southern India.It is main source for irrigation.As the river flows in the Deccan Plateau,it forms two islands Srirangapatna&Shivanasamudra.It descends the Eastern Ghats in a series of great falls&finally merges in the Bay of Bengal through two principal mouths.

Kaveri pushkaras 2017

Tributaries: Shimsha,Hemavati,Arkavathy,Honnuhole,Lakshmana Tirtha, Kabini,Bhavani,Lokapavani,Noyyal&Amaravati Rivers.

Dams:Krishna Raja Sagara,Mettur Dam&the Banasura Sagar Dam on the Kabini River.

Kaveri pushkaras 2017

History:The Hindu Mythology says several versions about the descent of River Kaveri.The most popular one is that a king Kavera lived in the Brahmagiri hills&prayed to Lord Brahma for a child.He was blessed with a daughter named as Kaveri.She was the water manifestation of the human form.The great sage Agastya married her&kept her in his kamandalu(spouted jug).When a terrible drought trounced the land,Ganesha in the guise of a crow,tipped the kamandalu&out flowed as Kaveri.

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kaveri pushkaras 2017

Ghats of Kaveri Pushkaras(Karnataka)

Talakaveri,Kushalnagar,Bhagamandala(Kodugu dist)




kaveri pushkaras 2017

Ghats of Kaveri Pushkaras(Tamilnadu)









kaveri pushkaras 2017
Kaveri pushkaras POOJA INFOrmation

In Kaveri Pushkaras we can perform Following rituals

Mahasankalpa:Means appealing&praying pitru devatas by chanting their names&gotras for removing our birth bad karmas&sinsLaghusankalpa:Means taking a dip in the holy river by uttering our names& gotras to get favors from deities in present birth life.

kaveri Pushkaras 2017

Ganga Pooja:During sacred pushkara period,all rivers water mix with Kaveri water,so Ganga pooja is conducted to appease all deities at once.GouriPooja:Rituals by Hindu devotees at the holy Riverside to please goddess Gauri,known as kumkum Archana.Pindapradanam:Hindus to offer pindas to their nearest 32or34 relatives&family members who passed away.This ritual provides salvation after their death&they can reach to Urdwa lokas&attains ultima.Musivayanam:Sumangali is respected&gifts are offered when a woman dies,her husband is alive.It’s for attaining salvation for that woman.Sariganga Snanam,prayaschittaetc

kaveri pushkaras 2017

TIPS:Choose Ghat with flowing water&hygiene,better to avoid kids.Carry drinking water.

Temples,Kaveri Pushkaras

Talakaveri,Nimishamba temple,Jambukeshwaram,Chidambaram,Kumbakonam

kaveri pushkaras 2017

Sriranga Kshetrams  Aadiranga(Srirangapatnam)



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