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Kanaka Durga Temple vijayawada

Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada | Andhra Pradesh

The ancient  Kanaka Durga Temple is on the top of Indrakeeladri hill and the banks of the Sacred river Krishna in Vijayawada with legends of interesting history. Lakhs of pilgrims visit and worship during the“Navarathri” festival. Here Kanaka Durga and Malleswara Swamy both are self-manifested. Shakthi is predominant,as Durga is on the right side of Malleswara Swamy, against the tradition of Goddesses taking their position on the left of their consorts.

Sri Kanaka Durga Temple-One of 108 shakti peeta

Goddess is facing north-east with blissful eyes,because of which the devotees are blessed with what ever they pray for.This is only temple in the world where the main diety is decorated in 9 forms on each day of the Narvarathri festival as Sri BalaTripuraSundari, Sri Gayatri, Sri Annapurna devi, Sri LalithaTripura Sundari, Sri MahaLakshmi, Sri Saraswati, Sri Durgadevi, Sri Mahishasura Mardini, Sri Rajarajeswari. On Vijaya Dasami,the deities are taken in a swan-shaped boat around the Krishna river,popularity known as Theppotsavam.

How to reach

Vijayawada-250km to Hyderabad,nearest airport Gannavaram,well connected to all cities of India with road transport&Railways.

Kanaka Durga Temple official websites

For online seva booking,Temple information  visit http://www.kanakadurgatemple.org/

Kanaka Durga Temple vijayawada


Kanaka durga Temple Timings

All days 4am-9pm.

Kanaka Durga Temple History:

Once Yaksha named KEELA had performed penance for goddess Durga. Durgadevi was pleased, appeared&offered a boon. Keela told his desire to goddess as to stay always in his heart and Goddess gave the boon.He stayed as mountain in holiest planes of river Krishna.In Krithayuga,Goddess killed the demons and remained in his heart.so temple is on Indrakeeladri&in krithayuga DurgaDevi appeared here.

KanakaDurga temple vijayawada


The origin&installation of KanakaDurga Devi at Vijayawada is unknown.Aadi-Sankaracharya visited the temple&installed the Srichakra&initiated workship of Kanaka Durga in vedic ways,avoided animal sacrifice.Sage Agasthya is said to be the greatest devotee of this deity&admirer of the deity’s several leelas.

Brahma Deva had performed ‘Sata Aswamedha Yaga’ that Lord Siva also should stay on this mountain,lord Maheswara pleased with his devotion &appeared on this mountain.as first time,BrahmaDeva worshipped lord Siva with Jasmine flowers(Mallika)with great devotion,so called as MALLIKESA. 

In Mahabharata Indrakila hill mentioned,where the Arjuna obtained  Pasupathastra(weapon) from LordSiva.Bharavi in his celebrated Kavya The Kirtarjuneeya has immortalized this.The temple of Vijayeswara is attributed to Arjuna to commemorate the event of obtaining Pasupatha. So the town named after it,as Vijayawada. Pancha Pandavas came to Darukavana, Vedavyasa met them&told them that one of them should perform Tapascharya in praise of Lord Siva to obtain the Pasupatastra to easily conquer their enemies.Being pleased with penance of Arjuna,Lord Siva wanted to further test his sincerity,before granting boon.

According to legend the Lord&Arjuna claimed the wild boar as their kill,controversy arose which lead to quarrel.In wrestling Arjuna was no match before the Lord,To invoke divine aid in his favor,worshipped shiva&thereupon realised that the hunter was none other than the Lord.Immediately in all his glory,MalleswaraSwamy appeared,granted Pasupathastra.

Kanaka Durga Temple Places to visit

SubTemples:AjaneyaSwamy,SubramenyaSwammy,Vinayaka,Nataraja,SivakamaSundariAmma temples.

Places to visit: BhavaniIsland, PrakasamBarrage, Undavalli Caves

KanakaDurga temple vijayawada



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