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Sri Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara swamy temple Kaleshwaram Telangana

kaleshwaram temple accommodation&History | Kaleshwaram Darshan procedure

Kaleshwaram temple accommodation is facilitated by Telangana government. Sri Kaleshwara Mukteeswara swamy temple Kaleshwaram Telangana is one of Trilinga kshetras in Telugu states. This is famous Lord Shiva temple in Telangana located at Mahadevpur mandal, Bhupalapalli district. Kaleshwaram temple is on bank of River Godavari.

Kaleshwara maha kshetram mukteeshwaram samanvitham

Kaleshwaro mahadevo Bhukthim mukthim pradanyathi|

Annapoorna yadhapoorna sadapoorna varambhika

Bhukthi mukthi pradanaya kshetresmi samsthithe sada||

Darshan of this temple gives salvation, it’s special feature of this temple. The importance of this temple said by sage Sootha to Sounakadi maharshi mentioned in SKANDA PURANA. This temple is here before Kaliyuga.

Kaleshwaram temple images

Temple front view

Kaleshwaram temple accommodation

Kaleshwaram is small town so book Kaleshwaram hotels well in advance.

Kaleshwaram temple accommodation through Telangana tourism- Book Haritha hotels

Kaleshwaram accommodation can be booked through Temple official website

Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram temple

Another entrance to temple

Kaleshwaram temple from Hyderabad

It’s 265 km from Hyderabad. Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram buses are very frequent for every 1 hour. It is 65 km from Manthani, 130 km from Karimnagar, 110 km from Warangal near border states AndhraPradesh and Maharashtra.

Kaleshwaram temple history

Kaleshwara Nivasova ! Kaleshwara Nireekshanam !

Kaleshwarasya smaranam ! Sarva paapa pranasanam!

This is mentioned in Skanda Purana, Kaleshwara Khandam.

Means If you stay in Kaleshram, knowing about it, chant it’s name then you get rid of every sin and live happily.

Kaleshswaram temple from Hyderabad


According to Legend Sage Sootha narrated the following story to Sanakadi maharshi. once Yamaloka was empty with no human being, then Yamadharma raja asked sage Narada about it. Then sage answered that Sri Aadi Mukteeshwara swamy on earth giving salvation to every one after his darshan. Then Lord Yama came to this temple and did penance at Yamakonam. Then Lord Shiva with Parvathi appeared before him asked the reason. Then Lord Shiva after knowing the wish of Lord Yama said to install a Ling on your name beside Mukteeshwara ling(Lord Shiv). From now you visits Kaleshwaram and had darshan of  Kaleshwara ling(Yama) will get salvation.


Kaleshwaram temple accommodation

Lord Shiva statue

Devasthanam importance

1)It is called southern Prayag as Triveni Sangam with rivers Pranahitha, Godavari and Saraswathi(antar vahini) resembles Prayag.

2)In this world there is no other temple like this with two ling on single pedestal.

3)For Telugu region there is name called Trilinga desam with 3 placed named

a)Kaleshwaram with lord Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara swamy

b) Draksharama sri Bheemeswara swamy (A.P.)

c)Srisaila Mallikarjuna swamy (A.P.)

4) Old Saraswathi temples in India

a)Maha Saraswathi(prouda saraswathi) in Kaleswaram

b)Gnana Saraswathi in Basara

c)Bala Saraswathi in Kashmir

5) Lord Surya temples                                                                                                                                                                1)Kaleshwaram

2) Konark

3) Arisavilli (A.P.)

6) Temples with 4 doors for Garbha gruha (house of main deity)

1. Kaleshwaram temple

2. Kashi Vishwanath temple

3. Nepal Pashupathinath temple

7) Near AadiMukteeshwara temple one can find Vibhuti patti if you dig the ground even now.

8) There are 8 theerthas here a)Brahma b)Chithsukha c)Gnana d)Pakshi e)Sangama f)Nrusimha g)Hanuma h)Vyasa theerthas.

9)If one passes through Yamakona , humans get salvation.

10)One can see anointed water from two nasal holes of Lord Shiva appears at confluence of three rivers.

Sri Kaleshwra Mukteeshwara swamy images

Kaleshwaram images

Kaleshwaram Darshan procedure

  1. After taking bathe in River Godavari, enter through temple main entrance then visit Lord Surya .
  2. Then make Pradaksina to main temple and enter house of Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara swamy, while entering pray Nandeeshwara. Then do abhisekam(anoint) Lord Shiva.
  3. Then visit sub shrines Sri Shubhadanda Devi and Sri Saraswathi devi.
  4. Also visit Deities Aadi Mukteeswara swamy, Sita Ramachandra swamy, Dattatreya swamy, Sangameswara swamy, Lakshmi Ganapathi, Bhairava swamy,surya deva.
  5.  Then pass through Yama konam.

kaleshwaram temple timings

4.30 – 5.30 Suprabhata seva

5.30-6.30 Abhisekam

7 – 12.30 regular darshan

Evening 4 – 8 pm darshan

For more puja details visit temple official website

Kaleshwaram temple Images
Kaleshwaram temple in Telangana

Kaleshswaram image

Kaleshwaram temple Location


From Hyderabad Kaleshwaram distance is 265 km around 6 hours journey.

Plan a weekend from Hyderabad and book kaleshwaram temple accommodation for 1 night. Enjoy river Godavari bathe at Pushkar ghat and have Kaleshwaram temple darshan in the evening. In the morning can attend for Abhisekam and return to Hyderabad via Karimnagar high way.

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