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India beach photography tips

India Beach photography tips – 2018

Best Beach Photography tips for a perfect shot

We all have favorite places,where our heart sings.For me,it’s beach where I’m the happiest&feel the most creative.India beach photography is my special love.With family we have traveled many beaches in India like Goa,Alleppey    Kochi,Vizag,Cherai,Machilipatnam.we maximum spend 3-4 hours at beach &don’t get time to shoot often too.so I have to make good use of my time &surroundings.Here are few tips when you hit the beach in search of perfect shot!

1.Multiple angles

To get the perfect shot anytime take multiple photos.Shoot low,high&from different angles by moving around your subject until you find the best light.The slightest re-position can make all the difference in the way the light affects your image.

India beach photography tips

Dusk&Dawn Photography-Calangute beach


The bright sunlight in India create a challenge to photograph our fun&exciting beach vacations.So for great photography try in Dusk&the golden hours just after dawn,before sunset.The general rule for the best time is to shoot when your shadow is twice.Sunrises&sunsets can provide amazing color in your images!

India beach photography tips

Focal point in beach-Anjuna beach

3.Focal point-India Beach Photography

One of my friend told me that they don’t bother taking their camera to the beach because all beach shots look the same.If you have the ability to look beyond the shots,include people as focal point,it’s great way of beach photography.In above image my son is focalPoint,enhancing the image.

4.Random strangers:

You are not the only one on the beach when you are shooting.Try to find a location that is not busy.Aware of random people that might be popping into your frame&try to shoot around them,at an angle so that they are not in the frame.

India beach photography tips,Spot Metering

SpotMetering-Baga beach

5.Spot Metering: 

Make sure your camera is set for spot metering.That way instead of averaging all of the light in the frame,you can use it to pinpoint the skin.Base the exposure on the face.


keeping your subject well exposed&you do not want to use a flash,you can try bracketing.Try manually by exposing for the different highlights,shadows or directly use bracketing mode(several exposures for an image)

India beach photography tips

Creative Locations-Sinquerim beach

7.Creative Location:Shooting at the beach doesn’t mean that you are only limited to the beach.Look for unique settings for nice framing like sand dunes,colored beach houses,rocks.

India beach photography tips


8.Experiments with sunlight:With the sun beating down on you,you’ll need to have a low ISO.An ISO of 100 is ideal.To ensure that you capture natural colors, set your white balance to auto.Try Polarizing&UV filters,which add blues,rich hues to your images.Avoid sunlight come directly from the side,creating harsh shadows

India beach photography tips

using backlight at beach

9.Backlighting:Keep the sun in front of you&behind your subject creating a type of back-lighting creating a rim of light around the subject.This works best when the background behind the subject is darker than the backlight.

Kids India beach photography tips

Kids beach photography-Cherai beach


Be mindful of surroundings.Kids don’t sit perfectly,still&smile at the camera,instead follow,shoot how they explore their surroundings&let them feel salty water,gritty sand between their toes&have fun.


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