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Araku Valley Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad to Araku Valley – Andhra Hill Station

Hyderanbad to Araku valley trip gives information about Araku beautiful hill station in Andhra Pradesh. It includes Araku places to visit, Araku places to stay, best time to visit Araku, Araku places photo and how to plan Araku trip from Vizag. Specially water falls, Toy train ride, beautiful gardens, coffee plantations and museum attracts tourists 365 days. Tribal museum and handicrafts are very famous here.

Hyderabad to Araku trip plan for 2 days

Best time to visit Araku – November to February winter season.

How to reach Araku from Hyderabad

By train , By flight or buses one can reach Vizag or Vishakhapatnam as it is nearest city.

Hyderabad to Araku train

Araku valley train

After reaching Vizag board to Kiramdool express morning at 6.50 am (reaches Araku at 12 pm)

Tip – please be seated on right side for best views(Vizag-Araku) return sit left side for best views.

specially executive chair around are preferable, as are with glass windows one can have best views.

After Sringavarapu kota beautiful landscapes starts, with tunnels and bridges journey is exciting.

Araku places to Stay

APTDC stay available here click the link for room booking 

Araku places to visit

Araku places to visit

Tribal museum

1 . Tribal Museum – Timings 9 am -7 pm

one can find statues, museum related to Tribal people here. It consists of art, crafts and textiles of native tribal. We can buy products collected and produced by them. Try filter coffee and buy tea, coffee powders, Dhimsa traditional dance is famous here, Don’t miss it.

Hyderabad to Araku trip

padmapuram gardens

2. Padmapuram gardens

Timings 8 am – 5 pm

It is near to 2.5 km from Araku railway station. Toy train is there to visit this garden. It’s beautiful with statues and different types of flowers like botanical garden.

Araku traditional dance Dhimsa

Dhimsa dance

3. Coffee museum and Plantations

In the coffee museum one can gain knowledge about how coffee came to India from Ethiopia. Coffee art gallery tells you how seed transformed into beverage and shows video film on it. As it is a hill station we can see coffee, tea plantations one can try the taste too.

Araku waterfalls


4. Katiki waterfalls

After reaching parking need to trek for 10 – 15 minutes to reach water falls. It’s a beautiful waterfalls that can be seen from train too. It’s height is 50 ft. It is 4 km from Borra caves. This water fall is more beautiful in monsoon season.

Best time to visit October to December

Borra guhalu Araku valley images


5. Borra caves

These caves are 90 km from Vizag and situated in Ananthagiri hills of Eastern ghats. These are of 150 million years old caves discovered by a British geologist in 18th century. A small stream going through the cave to Gosthali river carved this cave.

Araku places photos

The lime stone with reaction of acid and water formed different shapes like Shiva Parvathi, mother and child, crocodile, human brain etc. It’s nature gift to humans. Every year thousands of tribal visit naturally formed Shiv ling deep in side the cave on Shivarathri. this cave is one of it’s kind in India.

6. Lambasingi

It is another beautiful hill station near Araku valley, this village is called as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. In winter season it’s temperature falls to -2 degrees. This small village in Chintapalli mandal near Vizag. It is around 95 km from Araku. It takes 2.30 hrs to reach here from Araku.

Araku to LambasingiLambasingi places to visit

  1. Lambasingi tourist place – It’s tourist point with yellow flower plants which is very scenic.
  2. Lambasingi junction – It’s beautiful place with fog and views.
  3. yerravaram waterfalls – waterfalls are beautiful in rainy season and best between November to January

Foods to try in Araku

Bamboo chicken, fresh vegetables (like pineapple, Papaya, Strawberries etc)

One day Itinerary

Reach Hyderabad to Vizag

Day 1 – Arrival to Araku hill station visit Tribal museum, Padmapuram gardens, Coffee museum. After lunch visit Katiki waterfalls and Borra caves return to Vizag.

Two days Itinerary

Day 1-Arrival to Araku hill station visit Tribal museum, Padmapuram gardens, Coffee museum. After lunch visit Katiki waterfalls and Borra caves night stay at Araku.

Day 2 – Next day morning journey to Lambasingi and visit tourist places in Lambasingi. Evening Return to Vizag.

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