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evion capsule for skin and hair

#Evion-My Partner in Health for Vitamin E

Vitamin E for Health and beauty

Including a balanced diet in my daily routine benefited me in long run.I’m friend to my 10 years old kid,whether he is in swimming pool or skating rink.As a successful women or mom taking care of my in-laws&family,healthy life style and systematic diet always helped me.Now-a-days we all need vitaminized food,simple exercises&knowledge of healthy diet for well being.

Some times simple and inexpensive hacks can save us from big issues.Have you ever wondered,Vitamin E suppliment-Evion capsule is not only for vitamin dose,but has magical beauty ingredients too.This capsule is an easy solution to many of our health, beauty,skin,hair&even nail problems.

Importance of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties.It is extremely crucial for health as keeps red blood cells healthy&Enhances functioning of heart,nervous,muscle systems.

It helps in immune enhancement,stamina&keeps us fit.

It balances cholesterol,hormones&helps women at PMS.It makes Alzheimer’s progression slow.

Inside body guard-vitamin E

Vitamin E rich source

Anti oxidant

Free radicals always try to spoil stable molecules,vitamin E as anti oxidant stops this process.It travels throughout our body neutralising free radicals(comes from U.V.Rays, smoking&air pollution)&protects cell membranes,brain cells,tissues, organs preventing blood clots causing heart attacks&cancer.

Usage of vitamin E oil prevents premature graying of hair,works as anti-ageing nutrient,makes skin glow&removes damaged skin cells.

Vitamin E benifits

My partner in health is vitamin E for good skin,hair&stamina.During pregnancy my gynaecologist prescibed me vitamin E rich diet&#Evion face cream  supporting my health&skin.

Tips I follow

1.Anti ageing-prick Evion capsule&mix 2 drops in my night cream&apply before going to bed(Do allergy test-apply 1 drop of Evion back of your ear,leave for 15 min/if no red skin you can use).For Acne,scars,pimples just apply directly&leave 15 min.

How to use vitamin E capsule for skin

Aloevera and Evion capsule

2.Hair serum-Mix 1 Evion&5ml Almond oil apply for hair,leave it an hour.After washing feel smooth &frizz free hair.I use it for lips too.

3.Nourishing nails-Healthy&beautiful nails are every girl’s wish.Mix drop of Vitamin E&Almond oil,massage cuticles for brittle free heathy nails.

4.Under eye puffiness&dark circles-Mix Aloevera gel 2 tsp&1 Evion&apply at night with ring finger.Vitamine E&Aloevera based Evion cream clears stretch marks.

Vitamin E-Sources&benifits

whole grains,cereals,vegetable oils,Asparagus,eggs,fish,sunflower seeds&soy.

1.Kiwi,Mango,Papaya,avacado-Anti-oxidant&improves stamina

vitamin E rich food

Skin protector

2.Hazelnuts,Almonds,peanut-lightens scars,skin protection &removes stretch marks

3.Broccoli,bell peppers-healthy hair

4.sweetcorn,Tomato-removes facial acne scars

5.Vitamin E from Spinach,peas, fruits controls cholesterol.

vitamin rich food for health

healthy family with vitamin rich food

By selecting healthy fresh food I take care of all my family nutritional needs. My top choices of Vitamin E




1.Daily soaked Almonds,Sunflower oil,wheat,peas,peanut chutney,oats,cheese, Ragi,fruits&vegetables.

2. 1/4 cup of tomato paste offers 2.8 mg of vitamin E,1/5 of the daily value.So I prefer Tomato&sweetcorn salad in snacks.

vitamine E for health


Recipe-Combine Sweetcorn,Onions,Tomato&Coriander in a bowl.Dressing-mix lime juice,olive oil&add honey/masala.Season to taste&pour over the corn salad.

Dietary allowance
Vitamin E for health


For Adults 15mg/day of Vitamin E in the diet&doctor-recommended supplements like Evion-India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand one can live a healthy& well-balanced lifestyle. Visit http://www.evion.co.in/ for more details.

Stay HEALTHY&Happy

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