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Get fit with Flipkart smart products

A healthy life is necessary for every one in the society, to give security to beloved ones, family and friends. Apart from profession every one has to take care of their family. Get fit with Flipkart is my mantra in 2019. Yes Flipkart is my best friend for 365 days and 24 by 7 in my #SmartHomeRevolution.

Being a mom to techie kid, daughter to in-laws and parents, heart beat to my beloved one I have to play a key role in my family. yes I’m a typical Indian women with all responsibilities. Now a days smart products have undoubtedly created a shift in our daily lives. Here is the post on the way usage of smart devices and experience in my family daily routine.

Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

Human beings are always smart, they created smart products and enjoying advantages of technology to make day to day life easier. Usage of smart products have changed the way the world works. They simplified our work many times in many ways. Self- Monitoring, analysis and reporting technology is now part of our live.

Flipkart smart products

smart phone

Smart Phone revolution

Smart phone brought first smart revolution with all apps from music to health apps, games to video editors. We can’t imagine our daily routine with out a smart phone. It’s our connection with society through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With out phone we are not stepping out, it’s our relationship with smart phones.

Being Youtube Vlogger I always edit my videos in smart phone. From reminders to alarm and camera to video calling, it’s more than a friend to me.

Recently my home helper surprised me that she watches rangoli videos in her smart phone you tube account and draws unique designs daily.

And as a traveler I always use Google maps for long trips, with it I can find new routes and world.

Look Smart – Get fit with Flipkart smart products

I always believe that ” THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH ”

As a partner to a IT professional I must always take care of my husband’s health. I’m always a health conscious person and updated to use smart devices. Recently ordered fitbit from Flipkart.

get fit with flipkart

fitness band

It’s highly recommended fitness band to check pulse rate, number of steps, cycling and walking distance. With smart scales and smart trackers,we can be active and manage weight, eat better so that we can sleep better. We always prefer walking with fitbit for better health. Here is the the list of Smart wearables.

My association with Flipkart smart products

A mom is first teacher to her son. Since visual learning is so useful, recently we bought smart Tab from Flipkart for online learning through Byju’s learning app. Here is the link to buy Smart Tabs for learning purpose without any harm to eyes. We can lock Tab for internet connections and can keep an eye on usage.

smart home revolution

smart products

I am not a doctor but I usually run a small health camp weekly in our home, funny right ? yes I’ll become doctor on Sundays for my in-laws with my health kit, it’s because of Flipkart. I ordered Dr. Morepen B.P. monitor to check blood pressure, Accu-chek Instant S Meter Glucometer to check sugar levels and personal digital weighing scale to manage weight. In my point of view


My smart resolutions for 2019

1. Many kids are smarter than their parents in present society and they usually get many doubts. Answering them is sometimes difficult. I’m planning for #SmartHomeRevolution to get uninterrupted information from google. My son is dreaming to ask Google, Hi Google tell me what is square root of 625. He wants to listen answer from Google.

smart home revolution

smart speakers

Even I’m planning it for my SmartHome to know perfect ingredients and procedure to make restaurant style Malai Koftha curry to taste with Paratha. Hope while listening I can do better.

2. As an adventure junky to satisfy my needs I want to buy Go Pro Hero Sports & Action camera to be successful YouTuber. Want to vlog about my favorite destination Rishikesh – Yoga capital of the world this year.

smart home revolution

smart home

In India, Up to 40% of Smart Watches & Assistants are sold through Flipkart. With the Fit India Movement, Flipkart dreams of a day that every Indian tracks their fitness through Smart Watches & with #SmartHomeRevolution, Flipkart envisions a day when every home uses Smart Home solutions to simplify mundane tasks with a click.



So what are you waiting for join #GetFitWithFlipkart & #SmartHomeRevolution.

Be smart and happy.

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Gayathri Sharma is travel enthusiast from India. Adventure lover, Travel blogger by profession. She loves to write on Indian tradition and culture and always fascinated by Indian temples.Read some good articles about Travel around the world from her website YatrasBlog.


  1. Everything is getting smart around as and we need to live up to the changing times. Informative post.

    1. yes, I agree with you and thanks for comment

  2. Abhiit says:

    Whether we like it or not, gadgets have made our lives comfortable and changed the way we go about in our lives. Washing machine, dish washers, cars, planes, camera are all inventions that have made our lives comfortable. With smart devices we are taking a step forward in that direction. Now we don’t want to get up from our seat and want the job done. It is a stellar progress in technology. At the same time it is creating a generation that does not want to do physical work. Are these people using the time for meaningful purpose? It is debatable. I guess I laud the science and technological progress, I lament about where we are moving into. By the way I am writing on a laptop. So consider me one of the beneficiaries of the progress.

    1. yes sir I agree with you, we are towards half positive and half negative world.

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