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7 Most Famous Ancient Ganapathi temples in India

Famous Ancient Ganapathi temples in India 

Ganapathi temples can work great for a soul of real devotee.Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom,success & prosperity.In every Indian temple first we offer rituals to Ganesha.Ganesh Chaturdi is famous festival in India. Ekdanta, Siddhi Vinayak,Mayureshwar all are his names&temples are all over IndianStates. Maharashtra is famous for Ganesh Navrathri as they started here by freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak.Here is a list of famous Ganapati temples that deserves your spiritual tours in India.

1.Sri SiddhiVinayakaTemple,Mumbai-Famous Ganapathi Temples

This temple is not ancient temple,famous with wish-granting for devotees. The blackstone idol is between Riddhi&Siddhi,consorts of Lord Ganesha (popular as most visited by celebrities)

For its outstanding &significant works to human welfare Temple trustee is awarded as best trust.Temple has online portals for booking darshan&giving donations.

Most famous ancient Ganapathi temples of India


2.Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple,Pune-Famous Ganapathi temples 

Dagdusheth Halwai was a sweet-maker by profession.He lost his only son with the plague epidemic.He built this temple with most beautiful 40 kg golden Ganesha idol.

most famous ancient ganapathi temples in India


The temple trust is one of the richest trust in India.It works for poor children, maintains old-age home.During Ganeshotsav,temple  looks beautiful with lights&flowers.Million of devotees worship every year.

3.AshtavinayakTemples-Famous Ganapathi temples

AshtaVinayak yatra(covers 8 ancient,Holy Ganesh temples)during Ganesh Navrathri is famous in India.Temples are  Moreshwar,Siddhivinayak, Ballaleshwar,Varadavinayak,Chintamani,Girijatmaj,Vighnahar&Mahaganapati Temples.These are mentioned in Mudgala&Skanda puranas.

4.Sri Kanipakam VinayakaSwamy Temple, AndhraPradesh –ancient Ganapathi temples

Temple is 75kms toTirupathi.Temple was constructed in 11th century by Chola king,with beautiful pond.The black stone Ganesh idol has white,yellow&red colours adoring his forehead.

Most famous ancient Ganapathi temples of India


Vinayaka is popular as upholder of TRUTH.The annual Brahmotsavam from Ganesh Chaturthi,goes on for 20 days which is best time for devotees.

most famous ancient Ganapathi temples of India


5.Sri MahaGanapathi Devaru Temple,Idagunji,Karnataka:

This Temple is located in Idagunji town,West Coast of India.It is 1500yrs old temple.Lord Ganesha has only 2 hands,holding lotus&Modhaka.

most famous ancient Ganapathi temples of India


There is beautiful kailasa architecture at entrance to temple.In Ramayana  Ganesh appears here as a boy.He keeps Lord Shiva AATMA-LINGA down that has taken from Ravana.


6.GanpatipuleTemple, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Accordindg to Legend of temple once a local cowman’s cow,stopped giving milk to him,but giving in particular spot on the reef,where an image of Lord Ganesha(self manifested)appeared.Then the holy spot became Ganapatipule Temple.Here sunlight falls directly on the west faced idol of Ganesha in February&November.

7. Ucchi Pillayar Koil,Trichy,Tamilnadu

This Rock-temple is placed on the tip of a huge rock.It has wonderful rock architecture. To reach the temple need to climb steps cut through the rock. And enjoy splendid view of Trichy. Archaeological Department maintains the temple.

Lord Rama gifted Vibhishana a Lord Ranganatha idol. Vibheshana wants to take bath in Kaveri ,hence Ganesh appeared as a young cowherd. He took idol and keeps on bank of river near Ranganatha swamy temple. Ganesh appeared finally in real form to Vibhishana here.

Few more famous GaneshTemples,India

Chintaman Ganesh,Ujjain

Karpaga Vinayagar,Pillaiyarpatti,Tamil Nadu


Karnataka:SasiveKalu&KadaleKalu Ganesha,Hampi                                                      Dodda Ganapathi,Bangalore                                                                      GaneshTok,Gangtok                                                                                                                        Moti Dungri Ganesh,Jaipur

Ranthambore Ganesh,Rajasthan

Manakula Vinayaka,Pondicherry


GaneshTemple,Mana,Badrinath:Ganapathi wrote MahaBharath

Most famous ancient Ganapathi temples in India

Dundi Ganapathi ,Kasi




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