Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples in Hyderabad

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

There are many Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad.Goddess Durga is an epitome of graceful beauty,motherliness&the strong warrior.She is the Supreme power,the mother of all Gods&Goddesses.Durga Matha is with lush black hair,beautiful eyes&10 hands dawned on earth to establish the supremacy of goodness over evil.In a battle fought over a span of 10 days,she is in 10 different incarnations starting BalathripuraDevi(smallGirl) to Mahakali,wins the ceaseless battle on a powerful demon Mahishasur(who could easily change his form from human to buffalo).

Respecting mother goddess,for the strength to fight evil within ourselves &blessings,we perform DurgaPuja.It’s eternal manifestation of truth&purity,celebrated in month of Aashwayujam(September/October).It’s a celebration of culture,customs&traditions.It’s the season to love,share&care.

Dasara Bathukamma,Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
Bathukamma festival Hyderabad

In Hyderabad during Dussehra,people celebrate Batukamma-Telangana festival of flowers.It’s Gouri puja,related to Durga matha.Here is the list of DurgaTemples in Twin cities.

1.Ujjaini Mahakali Temple:Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Address:Subash Road,General Bazaar,Kalasiguda,Secunderabad,Telangana 500003,Phone:040 27814744Timings:6am-12pm,4pm-9pm alldays Friday:6am-1pm,4pm-10pm.Visit

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

History:In 1813,a Military Battalion was transferred to Ujjaini,Suriti Appaiah,a Doli Bearer in that.At the time Cholera broke out in a virulent firm,thousands of people died.Suriti Appaiah,his associates went to Mahakali Devasthanam at Ujjaini&prayed that if the people were saved,they would install the idol of Mahakali.

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Like Kanakadurga at Vijayawada,Bhadrakali at Warrangal,this temple is famous,as it’s 191 years old temple.                    Events:Bonalu,Ghatothsavam,Mahankali Jatara,Rangam,Navarathris.

2.Sri Peddamma Talli Temple,Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Address:HitechCity Road,Road no.55,Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad-33 Visit Timings:6am-1pm,3pm-8pmweekdays,sunday:6am-8.30pm

Peddamma temple is 150yrs old temple.Bonaalu-A Colourful Local Festival celebrated in the month of Aashada Maasam(June-July).Dussehra,10days festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.Rathotsavam is celebrated on Ratha Sapthami.Following are 9 incarnations of peddamma,during Dassehra

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

1.Shailaputhri 2. Bramhacharini
3. Chandraghanta4. Khushmanda
5. Skandamatha6. Kathyayani
7. Kalarathri8. Mahagauri
9. Siddhidatri&BONALU JATARA is special event.

3.Shri AkkannaMadanna Mahankali Temple,Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
AkkannaMadanna MahakaliTemple

Address:Hari Bowli,Shah-Ali-Banda,Hyderabad-65,Phone:9849200860  Timings:5.30am-1.00 pm &6.00-8.00pm. Visit

History:In 17th century Hyderabad was ruled by a king Thanashah. Akkanna&Madanna were the Chief Commander&The Prime Minister respectively.Being true disciples of Mahankali,they used to perform pooja everyday at temple,before they left for the court.After the demise of brothers,temple was closed&formed a part of the devdi of Nawab.

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

In 1948 goddess desire to reveal her&appeared in the dream of an old lady telling where the temple existed.AryaSamaj Leader VenkatSwamy contacted late Mir MohammedAnwar AliKhaja owner of Devdi who agreed to help them. After digging,they found the temple hidden behind Devdi’s walls& afterwards rejunated.Events:Annual Celebration,Dassehra&Bonalu.

4.Simhavahini Sri Mahankali temple Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
LalDarwaja Temple

Address:Laldarwaza,Charminar,Chandrayangutta,Hyderabad-53    Timings:6am-12pm,5pm-8pm

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
Simhavahini Mahankali

There is a large red door at the entrance to this suburb,named as LalDarwaza(RedDoor)during Nizam’s time.It is part of the old city of Hyderabad&was built in 1907.Prime Minister of Nizam government Maharaja KishanPrasad started Bonalu festival here.                                               Events:Bonalu,Navarathris

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
Golkonda Mahakali
5.Sri Jagadamba Mahankali temple,Golkonda Fort,Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

It’s a small temple on a hillock around 900 years in worship.Later a basic fort was built by Warangal Kakatiyas,passed to Bahmani Sultans&Nawabs.

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad

In GolcondaFort,MahankaliTemple is next to Ibrahim mosque&emperor’s palace.Every year Bonalu Festivals starts here&moves to twin cities.

Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
6.Balkampet RenukaYellamma


Famous Durga(Mahakali) temples Hyderabad
7.Ameerpet DurgaTemple



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