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 Kakinada places to visit in&around

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Kakinada is Headquarters of The East Godavari District,known as rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh.It always enchantes tourists with its lush paddy fields and coconut groves swaying in the breeze which appear to dance.Birds chirping and streams gurgling makes us to visit its beautiful lakes,rivers,Islands and wild life sanctuaries.Historical years old Temples take you to divinity origin.It's rich and wonderful blend of nature as well as heritage invites us. Also it has a rich historical past.An integral part Chalukyan and Mauryan kingdoms takes us to the epic age.From heritage to temples, this city has it all.Discover the raw Beauty&experience the wilderness in travel.Come have a Glipse.
Kakinada images
Paddy fields

Kakinada famous for

It is one of top city that is using piped gas supply for domestic purposes due to the presence of oil&gas refineries.It's ONGC’s eastern offshore asset.JNTU Kakinada campus(110 acre) is famous.PG government college(1884)has some recognized students includes PV(former P.M) Narasimha Rao&Devulapalli Krishnasastri.Brahma sri chaganti Koteswara rao garu popular for Pravachanams about Sanathana Dharma.Finally don't miss Andhra food from Subbayyagari hotel,Kakinada kaja-sugar syrup filled sweet&sea food.

In my Godavari dairies this is day-2 trip of Kakinada sightseeing

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Kakinada sightseeing-tourism Guide

1.Annavaram satyanarayana swamy temple-45km from Kakinada.It is one of top Kakinada tourist places.

2.Then we visited Samarlakota Kumara Bheemeswara swamy temple one of pancharams.This is 15 km from Kakinada.

kakinada places to visit in&around
Pithapuram temple

3.Pithapuram-16km from Kakinada.Puroohutika Devi temple-10 th Shakti peeta(shrines)of 18.Also it is called as pada gaya Kshetra,one 3 Gaya temples of India.This temple has one of 5 madhaveswara shrines in India&Datta Kshetra.

Kakinada near temples


Bheemeswara swamy temple ,it is one of Pancharama temples&Trilinga temples.It's 30km from Kakinada

Kakinada places to visit
Kotipalli Revu

5.Kotipalli Someswara swamy temple.People believe that it is also one of Pancharama Kshetras.It's 45km from Kakinada&12km from Draksharamam.

Kakinada sightseeing

6.Bikkavolu-Golingeswara swamy temple&Ganesh temples are famous.Gollala Mamidada-Sun temple;Dwarapudi-temples complex are near by.

Kakinada places to visit
Hope Island


Bhavannarayana swamy temple is 4km from Kakinada.It is one of 5 Bhavannarayana swamy temples of Telugu states.

8.Uppada&Kakinada beaches are good to enjoy at evenings

Kakinada famous for
Kakinada Special kaja

People who want to enjoy nature,these two places are good.Ideal for nature lovers.

10.Finally don't miss Tapeswaram kaja when saying bye to Kakinada.


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Top Kakinada Tourist Places

Taj Falaknuma palace-world’s largest dining hall-PM Modi&Ivanka Trump

Falaknuma palace-Hyderabad

Taj-Falaknuma palace Hotel-Royal dining hall

Shayari:Tareef karoo khuda ki faiz jisne jaha banaya falak per aasma aur jameen pe Falaknuma banaya.Falak-Numa means mirror of the sky in Urdu-Mohammad Taj Falaknuma palace.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has hosted Whitehouse advisor Ivanka Trump at luxurious Taj Falaknuma palace on 28-11-2017.Ivanka Trump came Hyderabad to attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit-2017.Modi and Ivanka with 100 special guests had royal dinner at the Hyderabad Nizam’s famous ‘101 Dining Hall’ that can host 101 guests to have dinner at a time. Continue reading “Taj Falaknuma palace-world’s largest dining hall-PM Modi&Ivanka Trump”

konaseema-Tourism | best places to see in East Godavari,A.P.

konaseema trip

Top 10 Konaseema-Tourism places

Lustrous coconut grooves,beautiful green fields and its resilience takes your breath away.It’s a dream tour destination for all, with enchanting beauty, peace and tranquillity.Magnificent landscape, ancient artistic temples and lavish greenery with backwater just stole your heart,Whether you travel by road,train or boat.A glance at the surrounding countryside will make to call paradise on earth.Sounding like Kerala?It’s mini kerala Konaseema blessed with virgin backwaters and the most scenic places of East Godavari district. Continue reading “konaseema-Tourism | best places to see in East Godavari,A.P.”

Tapeswaram Kaja-laddu sweet | famous Andhra sweets online

tapeswaram kaja

Guinness world record laddu-Tapeswaram sweets

Tapeswaram reminds us the delicious Andhra sweets Tapeswaram Kaja-laddu sweet.kaja known for it’s taste which looks as folded mat(layers) looking in light brown colour from outside and wheat colour inside,between which the juice slides from.It makes everyone say,Yum-Yum what a taste!whether a kid or adult.Awesome taste brings water in mouth of every one&make people to buy it,when they think of it.TheTapeswaram kaja became popular and made the village a popular place in Andhra. Continue reading “Tapeswaram Kaja-laddu sweet | famous Andhra sweets online”

Top 10 tourist places in Rajamundry | Andhra pradesh

Tourist places in Rajahmundry

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Places to visit in&around Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.It is located in west Godavari dist.Telugu people believe that Telugu language originated in Rajahmundry.The poet Nannaya was responsible for coming up with the Telugu script,which transformed it into a language.The earliest rulers of the region were the Chalukyas.Rajaraja Narendra ruled over Rajahmundry in the 12th century.Archaeological findings suggest that the history of this region may go back even further.

Fomous people born:Nannaya,Kandukuri Veeresalingam garu. Popular:Rajahmundry central jail,Durga cine tone-first telugu studio,Largest Road/rail bridge,host of Godavari Maha Pushkaralu. Food:Puthrekulu,chakkarakeli fruit(banana variety)

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3 days trip from Hyderabad | karthikamasam pancharama tour

Pancharama tour

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Pancharama kshetras

Pancharama tour means thirtha yatra to Pancharamalu.Pancha-5,Aramalu means-living place of Lord shiva.Pancharama Kshetras are at Amaravati, Bhimavaram,Palakollu,Dhraksharamam and Samarlakota located in Guntur,Godavari districts.People believe that having darshan to all these five temples in a day of Karthika Masam gives them Koti theertha phala. Continue reading “3 days trip from Hyderabad | karthikamasam pancharama tour”