Kashi Rameswara Yatra ritual procedure in sampoorna Bharatha yatra

kashi Rameswaram yatra

Kashi Rameswaram Yatra procedure 

Kashi Rameswaram yatra is spiritual yatra that every Hindu would like to do once in his life time.Kashi is the spiritual capital of India.Hindu pilgrims bathe in the sacred river Ganges,also perform funeral rites.The temple town has 2,000 temples, including Kashi Vishwanath“Golden Temple”.It’s the oldest living city in the world,with 3500 years of documented history.It is called as Banaras&Varanasi (confluence of rivers Varana,Asi).The temple stands on the western bank of the holy river Ganges,It’s called City of Ghats(highest bathing Ghats-88 in the world).Kashi is 9th Jyotirlinga(Varanasyanthu Vishwesham),11th Shakthi Peetam(Varanasyam Visalakshi).The main deity is Vishwanatha-ruler of the universe.Aadi Shankaracharya installed Sri Chakra before. Continue reading “Kashi Rameswara Yatra ritual procedure in sampoorna Bharatha yatra”