Save water with #cuttingpani Life mantra

Save water-water is life&conservation is future

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Saying-A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.

Are you recharging water at home? sounds funny! No,it’s true. We recharge even single drop of water in rain water harvesting method. We have no right to use water without recharging it. Save water is my slogan every day with my family members. I always used to say don’t waste water especially when my son brushes, baths or drinks water. Now a days each water drop is precious. Cities or villages water conservation is very important. Planet earth is unique in the universe because of water. Human beings are in need of water constantly.

Care and Save water

As Hyderabad citizen I know drinking water importance and conservation from child hood. Now my city is in a better position due to river water coming from River Krishna and Godavari. With water reservoirs, Projects Government is trying to save rain water that draining into Bay of Bengal. As citizens we have taken decision to save water from home.

Often we see half a glass of water wasted in many hands. To bring awareness about water conservation, Livpure has taken an initiative, #CuttingPaani. It is appreciable ideology that helps in saving drinking water, and create a positive impact for the future generations.

Save water for the future

70% of Earth’s surface is water but 97.5 % is seawater unfit for human consumption. Both temperature and population are rising. So Water demand also increasing by 50%. Water withdrawal for agriculture, energy, cooling power stations, is increased by 20% leading freshwater drain. Which means future generations are in fresh water crisis. All over the world water levels are dropping. So we must protect our most vital resource water.

 It’s time for conservation of water

Not only humans, animals also need drinking water. so we must conserve water for life on Earth and to save nature.

 My Ways to save water

1.Let the change first starts from our home to save water. Then make others to do so. The three R’s rule Reduce, Reuse &Recycle is the best way we follow.

2.Reduce-In our house the main water pipe from over head tank is set half with the help of valve. To slow the water flow of drinking water purifier, taking and offering half a glass water is best mantra for conservation of water.

3.Be water wise. Know qualities and quantity(8 glasses=2.5 Lt) of water you required to drink daily. Extra water intake is unhealthy.

4.Reuse-Some times by mistake we take water more than we required,then drink it all. It is good to have few more sips, as it saves us from dehydration.It helps in weight loss,muscle health and body fluid stability. It boosts immunity and maintains healthy hair,skin. Other wise pour left water in a container to use for cleaning house by adding disinfectant or house hold usage.

5.Use small container to drink. Even though water is left pour to plant not in sink. so that we can avoid water pollution & we will be part of nature recycle process.

#cuttingpani mantra in my life

  1. Recharge-We save water through rain water harvesting method.
  2. Reduce-Slow the flow and small container works well to stop wastage.
  3. Reuse water for cleaning and pouring water to plants includes Recycle
  4. Making my kid aware of 4 R’s rule made future generation to save water.

Come let’s sign a petition with me to save water


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