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Ammapalli sri Ramachandra temple

Ammapalli Rama temple Hyderabad | Cinema Gudi near Shamshabad

Ammapalli Rama temple Hyderabad

Is Ammapalli Rama temple Hyderabad belongs to 11th century? Lord Rama temple without Hanuman idol ? 3 idols in a single stone ? 1000 years ancient temple in Nizam’s city ? A temple shown in more than 1000 Telugu movies & T.V. serials? For all these questions we got answers. It is Kodanda Rama temple, Ammapalli village near Shamshabad airport, Narkhoda.

Ammapalli Rama temple Hyderabad

temple arch

Ammapalli Rama temple distance

Take a route map to Shamshabad airport and enter exit No – 17 from ORR. Then enter Nagarguda-Shamshabad road towards Shamshabad town. After few km take a left turn to Nethaji road and enter temple arch. It is 35 km from Hyderabad and 5 km from Shamshabad airport.

Ammapalli temple history

temple view

Ammapalli Rama temple Hyderabad history

In Ramayana Aranyakanda Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana lived in forest for 14 years. They started from Ayodhya and walked through forests from North India to South. They came to this place which called as Dandakaranya. Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana slept a night here. So to remember that this place was holy place touched by Sri Rama feet, a temple was constructed. Around 7- 11th century this was Chalukyas kingdom, in their period the temple was constructed.

Ammapalli temple images

sri Ramachandra temple Ammapalli images


Surprising facts about Temple

1. Since Sita Amma resides as main goddess in this temple ,this village is called as Ammapalli. Around 1000 year old temple that is 30 km from Hyderabad. The shrine is ancient during Chalukya’s period.

Rama temple in movies


2. 70 ft Gali Gopuram is main attraction here. Baked bricks, lime stone are used and stuccoed this 7 storied building. It is inspiration for Nizam’s Char -minar which was constructed in 15th century.

ammaplly rama temple

Lord Vishnu

3. A single stone for 3 idols with “makara thoranam”- the arch is special here. This arch contains 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This type of stone carving belongs to 11th century. And there are only two idols of this type in India. This temple & Ryali-Jaganmohana temple. On temple entrance arch Lord Vishnu idol attracts us.

Rama temple in Hyderabad

temple tank

4. The Nagara – the walking path, water tank and Gali gopuram built later in Rajasthani architecture.

Ammapalli ramalayam

seat for views

It’s rare to see north Indian architecture in South Indian temples.

Sri seeta Ramachandra swamy temple Ammapalli


5. At entrance to main temple there is Koorma (turtle incarnation), which is rare & gives special salvation power to shrine.

Ammapalli rama temple shamshabad

Lord Hanuman

6. Why Lord Hanuman statue opposite to main temple that houses Lord Rama? At the time Lord Rama, Seeta & Lakshmana came here, Hanuman is not with them. After they went to Panchavati there they met Hanuman.

ammapalli temple

Main pillar

So resembling that situation statue installed near Dwajasthambham. Lord Rama called as Kodanda Rama here because he is with the bow. Before Hanuman met Rama called as Kodanda Rama.

Ammapalli temple shamshabad

temple view

Ammapalli temple in movies

Ammapalli¬† Rama temple is shown in above 1000 movies and Telugu serials.¬†After super hit Murari movie this temple called as “Murari movie temple” and “Cinema Gudi”. There is belief for directors that if a small scene of movie shot here, it gives them big hit at box office. Movies shot here Murari, Maryada Ramanna etc.

ammapalli temple timings

Rama temple

Ammapalli temple shamshabad timings

Morning 6am-1pm and 4pm -7pm

Best time to visit morning 6.30-9 am and evening 5- 6.30 pm.

Ammapally temple route map


Shiva temple

Wish giving temple

Lot of people believe that if they come with a desire and says to Lord Rama, Hanuman is ready to fulfill them by taking order from Lord Rama & people for sure come again after completion of their wishes. There is Lord Shiva temple, Rama koti sthupam, two water tanks in temple.

cinema gudi in telugu movies

temple look

Near by places – Pahadi Sharif Dargah is 30 min drive.

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  1. Shilpi Dutta says:

    Nice captures and good info. Seems like a nice place to spend some time and discover more on the culture/religious practice. The fact that these date from 10th and 11 centuries, make them historically important.

    1. yes temple has historical importance with Ramayana and constructed during 11th century.

  2. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Going through this post gives a divine feeling.

  3. Temple is beautiful. This is shown in so many TV serials and cinemas !!! That’s very interesting.

  4. KVVS MURTHY says:

    It looks like very old temple,with interesting architecture.But less known to outer world.Have a nice day Gayatri ji.

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