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Agra day trip

Agra day trip-How to plan must not miss places | Top 5 Agra tourist places

Agra day trip attractions

Agra Day Trip includes Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri & Taj Mahal. Agra city is on  river Yamuna bank, UttarPradesh, India. It has Taj  the best massive construction. They are icons in Akbar, Jahangir & Shah Jahan’s period. In history Akbarabad (Agra) described as golden era. After their period, Marathas ruled this place so it became Agra. Agra is in golden triangle that includes Delhi & Jaipur.


agra tourism

Taj mosque

1. Taj Mahal – Agra Day Trip

Taj is world’s popular buildings so it is added in 7 wonders list. Meaning of Taj Mahal is crown of palaces in Persian language. People feel it as ‘Love symbol’. Shah Jahan made to construct this beautiful tomb for beloved Mumtaj in 16th century. Marble of pure white used for construction brought from Rajasthan, Makrana area. 42 acre complex with tomb, mosque & guest house are main attractions.

Taj Mahal Timings: Sun raise to sun set every day. Friday is a holiday. And Special entry 2 days before&after full moon days at 8.30 pm -12.30 am

Taj mahal Agra near yamuna

Yamuna river

Beautiful gardens, river Yamuna surroundings are highlights. Special attraction of Taj are the look of it’s different colors. Morning – pinkish, noon – yellow, evening – milky white & night – golden in the moon light. It has become part of world heritage sites from 1983.


  • Enjoy either sun raise or sunset at Taj. Early morning is best to avoid sunny day &crowd
  • If you love enjoy beauty of Taj prefer on full moon day. Friday is a holiday.

For more details about Taj visit official website

2. Agra Day Trip visit to Agra Fort

This fort is constructed with red sandstone. Taj is 2.5 km from here. We can enjoy excellent Taj view from here. Emperor Akbar in 1573 constructed it. Fort wall passes through city. It is marvelous Mughal’s construction. Pearl Mosque, Moti Masjid & Jahangiri Mahal are visiting places. Agra fort make architecture lovers delightful with it’s handwork & ornamental details.

3. Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb – Agra Day Trip

It known as Taj Mahal’s model & called as Baby Taj. It’s older than Taj. At entrance a garden is beautified with red sand stones. In commemoration of her father NoorJaha AKA Mehrunnisah Jahangir’s wife supervised the construction. Inside it contains cenotaphs of Itimad-ud-daula. The beautiful stonework, interiors particularly ceiling draws attention of visitors. Precious stone work walls are main charisma here.

4. Agra Day Trip to Fatehpur Sikri

Akbar built it as victory symbol.It has a mosque too in which people pray even now. Magnificent Buland Darwaza gate is way to78 Jama mosque. Carved central pillar is Diwan-E-Khas hall’s charm. Jodha Bais palace combines Hindu & Mughal styles. Panch Mahal, Salim Chisti tomb are near attractions.

5. Akbar’s tomb – Agra Day Trip

It is in Agra outskirts and it’s contains Akbar’s mortal remains with best Mughal arts & works. It is facing east unlike famous Muslim kings tombs and Macca mosque.

Top things to do in Agra

1. Air Safari or Agra arial view.

2. Don’t miss Daily cultural live Taj Mahal show in Agra.

Agra tonga ride

Agra camel ride

3. Walking tours covering local, spice markets, old town & temples. It includes cycle rickshaw or tonga ride.

4. Taste street food & don’t miss Agra petha in 200 year old sweet shops.

5. Don’t forget shopping it may be model of Taj, jewelry, carpets or designer clothes.

Agra day trip Itinerary

1.Early morning visit Taj Mahal at sun raise time and spend 3-4 hrs.

2.After break fast visit Agra fort which is 3 km &  min to reach. Explore fort up to lunch.

3.Next move to Itimad-ud-daula tomb, it’s 3 km from Agra fort.

4.Then visit Akbar’s tomb that is 11 km to this tomb.

5.Finally at evening enjoy Fatehpur Sikri. At night enjoy Agra petha with dinner.

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